The “refugee” koan

[ by Charles Cameron — considering both sides, while tilting one way or the other ] . I call it a koan because you can flip it — there are two sides to it, and very possibly a serrated edge that it can balance on, foiling your best efforts to come up with a yes-no […] Read more »

Krishna, meet Radha

[ by Charles Cameron — Muslims in India celebrate Krishna and his beloved ] . Amicable coexistence. Here we see a Muslim father in India, with his daughter arrayed as Radha, the beloved, lover, and companion of the Hindu deity Krishna: I’m posting it here because it beautifully complements another photo which you may have […] Read more »

Warrior / Spirit

[ by Charles Cameron — is “conflict resolution” in conflict with “conflict” — and if so, what’s the appropriate resolution? ] . [left] Strozzi-Heckler’s book, now in its fourth edition; [right] one of a series of figures called Yoga Joes. ** Craig Davies at a site called Art-Sheep has a post titled Classic Green Army […] Read more »

Playing at Peace

[ by Charles Cameron — in which Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Phillip Smyth get into role ] . The United States Institute of Peace is holding what it terms a PeaceGame today and tomorrow: The current PeaceGame series is tackling one of the timeliest and most challenging of issues confronted by the U.S. government and stakeholders […] Read more »

Theory and Practice, Ideal and Real, War and Peace

[ by Charles Cameron — hoping to introduce my many friends in the peace and light camp to my many friends in the carry a big stick camp, with a view to furthering mutual understanding ] . A confluence in my infostream this morning: . . Let’s start with this brilliant example of theory (the […] Read more »

Phineas Priesthood 2: The Tanakh

[ by Charles Cameron — continuing exploration of the Phineas story as it leads to the recent Larry McQuilliams incident among others ] . Phineas vs Zimri & Cozbi . I Paradise is depicted in many traditions as a garden — indeed the very word “paradise” (pardes) means “garden” or “orchard” in Hebrew. It is […] Read more »

Electricity: The Catalyst for Change

“Electricity: The Catalyst for Change,” brought together an array of development and security experts to highlight the importance of energy and electricity generation around the globe. Each panelist stressed the importance of reliable, sustainable electricity as means to bring about peace, security, and stability.

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Atran and Husain on Gaza

[ by Charles Cameron -- two voices of moderation with a glimmer of hope -- plus a recap of some recent posts of mine ] . . Scott Atran, an anthropologist at France’s National Center for Scientific Research, John Jay College and the University of Michigan, is co-founder of ARTIS Research and author of Talking [...] Read more »

Balancing acts & mirror images: 2

[ by Charles Cameron -- second of (at least) three posts, mostly about Gaza -- high wire stuff ] . Here are two young women poets, the hope of the world, mirroring one another in a rare balancing act that leaves neither political / military side of the Israeli-Arab conflict uncritiqued, while the humanity of [...] Read more »

Satire! Fake! Hoax! Internet! [correction on p.16 below the fold]

[ by Charles Cameron -- and yes, "p.16 below the fold" is pretty much the news equivalent of "at the back of the bus" ] . A prime-time Dutch TV news show, De Wereld Draait Door, regularly includes a satirical segment, and the other day the segment editors spliced together a number of snippets of [...] Read more »