Sunday surprise the second — the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God

[ by Charles Cameron — wishing you all blessings on the Fourth ] . My eye was caught today by yet another disaster — which in turn reminded me of tomorrow, the Fourth of July. It’s just one example among many: Flood hits mosque in Pakistan, dozens feared dead — Mike Walker (@New_Narrative) July […] Read more »

Review: The Rule of the Clan

[by Mark Safranski / “zen“] Rule of the Clan by Mark Weiner I often review good books. Sometimes I review great ones. The Rule of the Clan: What an Ancient Form of Social Organization Reveals about the Future of Individual Freedom  by Mark S. Weiner gets the highest compliment of all: it is an academic book that […] Read more »

Two serpent-eats-tail views of the Brennan email hack

[ by Charles Cameron — spy vs spy as delicate moral balance ] . There are two sentences in When The Hackers Become The Hacked: Why Reading John Brennan’s Emails Feels Wrong, Ali Watkins‘ HuffPo piece a couple of days ago, that feature a neat sense of paradox, and what’s most interesting about them is […] Read more »

Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists

[ by Charles Cameron — what color does a chameleon turn in a hall of mirrors? ] . ** There’s an interesting ascetic aesthetic in photography which prefers black and white to full spectrum color, but the black and white in question has a rich spectrum of its own, a continuum of shades of grey […] Read more »

Warrior / Spirit

[ by Charles Cameron — is “conflict resolution” in conflict with “conflict” — and if so, what’s the appropriate resolution? ] . [left] Strozzi-Heckler’s book, now in its fourth edition; [right] one of a series of figures called Yoga Joes. ** Craig Davies at a site called Art-Sheep has a post titled Classic Green Army […] Read more »

When win-win games get gamed

[ by Charles Cameron — a paradox I’m currently chewing on, courtesy of Richard Landes] . I want to take something that Richard Landes has been saying, abstract it from those conflicts to which Richard applies it, simplify it by removing one technical term that’s part of his detailed breakdown, and present it in as […] Read more »

Egypt, ex-professors, death sentences, strange loops

[by Charles Cameron — hunh? ] . The Mufti that #Morsi himself appointed is to be made to agree his death warrant? This is Shakespearean in scope of morbid tragedy. #Egypt — Rana Kabbani (@RanaKabbani54) May 16, 2015 Among those sentenced to death by Egypt is Emad Shahin. Took class w/ him at Georgetown on authoritarianism in […] Read more »

The paradoxical roles of luxury cars in the lives of the women of IS

[ by Charles Cameron — not particularly anxious to own a BMW — but did I once win a Rolls for a night of Bach at the Hollywood Bowl ] . Sources: Belfast Telegraph, Jihadi brides with BMW M5s Dabiq, issue #8 p.34, The Twin Halves of the Muhajirin So we’re somewhat fond of the […] Read more »

Gaza: the video, Lex’s comment, my response

[ by Charles Cameron -- a powerful video with strong implications for Israel and keen insight into Gaza -- thus far the best I've seen ] . The video: I found this video extremely powerful. Lexington Green pointed us to it via a link in a comment on a recent post of mine, and I [...] Read more »