Yesterday’s learnings in science and religion

[ by Charles Cameron — theo-ecology, with a side of spaghetti ] . First, a Nobel laureate makes a distinction that should be of interest to all who study war — as also to those who “ain’t gonna study war no more”. Lucy Hughes-Hallett begins a New Statesman book review titled Chernobyl and the ghosts […] Read more »

On the horrors of apocalyptic warfare, 2: to spark a messianic fire

[ by Charles Cameron — it’s what we won’t notice that can blindside us ] . al-Malhamah al-Kubra, the great end-times battle ** To recapitulate: in my previous post I suggested that “apocalyptic, end-of-days” movements are qualitatively different by virtue of the immediacy of their divine / transcendant mandate. Richard Landes sums the matter up […] Read more »

Two-sided nuke-rattling against the ISIS third?

[ by Charles Cameron — trying to catch up with posts here when working on book proposals ] . Consider these two statements made in recent days: How does a war game — or game theory, for that matter — deal with the differenes, similarities, or continuum between threats and exercises on the one hand, […] Read more »

Nuclear sites and religion, flags and clouds

[ by Charles Cameron — Oak Ridge, Albi, Bushehr, a Sinan mosque, clouds formation, the Karmapas ] . Cheryl Rofer very kindly suggested a DoubleQuote to me today, comparing and contrasting the Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility, Oak Ridge: and the Cathedral of Albi — heart of the district in which the Albigensians / Cathars […] Read more »

What We Are Reading

Key Reads     Afghan Forces Seek to Regain Kunduz, Major Northern City, From Taliban Mujib Mashal / New York Times A day after the Taliban took their first major city in 14 years, a counterattack was underway Tuesday by ground forces sent from other provinces to recapture the northern city, Kunduz, were delayed by […]

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Our ZP blog-friends on the Iran deal

[ by Charles Cameron — waiting for the other shoe to drop — or be thrown, i suppose — or if a sandal, for the sand to be shaken off it if need be ] . #Iran, a state whose rulers practice #taqiyya (lying to non-Muslims), inspecting its own nuke sites? How very stupid. […] Read more »

As opposed to carnivores, militarily speaking

[ by Charles Cameron — discussing the Iran deal, Gershom Gorenberg introduces me to some Israeli slang ] . Source: ** Gershom Gorenberg is a friendly acquaintance from Center for Millennial Studies days, and his book The End of Days: Fundamentalism and the Struggle for the Temple Mount is one I admire, and one […] Read more »

ASP’s BGen Cheney on the UK’s Nuclear Program

ASP CEO BGen. Stephen Cheney is featured in an article on the United Kingdom’s current nuclear program in National Defense Magazine’s September 2015 issue. The nuclear program, Trident, has recently been called into question as it is currently slated to be replaced by the late 2020s, which would cost the UK between $23.4 and $31.2 […]

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Iran: the deal does this, but what will others do?

[ by Charles Cameron — requesting suggestions re “second order nuclear effects” from Israel & the Saudis ] . I’ve been watching one aspect of developing current events closely — Islamic apocalyptic jihad, for short — and claim no special expertise in many other realms, but on the contrary, consider myself too inexpert even to […] Read more »