Mourning the loss of Monte Cassino

[ by Charles Cameron -- destruction of sacred spaces ] . Do we grieve the destruction of the Abbey of Monte Cassino as we grieve the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas? ** With playful and appropriate scholarly tongue-in-cheek, Umberto Eco describes the importance of monasteries — and of the Benedictine Order specifically — in preserving [...] Read more »

Pussy Riot IX, Of films, riots and hatred IV: Notre Dame 1950

[ by Charles Cameron -- more food for thought on religious and irreligious outrage -- and Paris again, too ] . . It will not have escaped the eagle-eyed readers of Zenpundit that three of the incidents we have been discussing recently — the Pussy Riot affair, the Innocence of Muslims video and the Charlie [...] Read more »

Pussy Riot, Holy Foolishness and Monk Punk

[ by Charles Cameron -- mystery beyond the senses, holy of holies behind the veil, altar beyond the iconostasis, and other considerations bearing on Orthodoxy, Pussy Riot, holy folly and monastic punk ] . Life is full of surprises. . Okay, I started fishing around the web the way I do because when I first [...] Read more »

Liminality II: the serious part

[ by Charles Cameron -- follow-up to Liminality I: the kitsch part, dealing with the strange business of liminality, submarines, monks and more ] . Limen is the Latin for threshold, and the liminal is therefore what happens at thresholds. ** Something pretty remarkable happened as 1999 turned into 2000 — something liminal. And it [...] Read more »