Uh-oh, The Times believes Dabiq is “Koranic”

[ by Charles Cameron — the London Times gets the Qur’an wrong, let’s hope it’s not this sloppy about cricket! ] . In an article titled Death to Cheshire florist, declares Isis magazine, London Times writers David Brown, Sara Elizabeth Williams, and Tom Coghlan write about Rumiyah, the new ISIS magazine: Charlie Winter, a researcher […] Read more »

On the foolishness of some current algorithms

[ by Charles Cameron — shouting caveat lector in a crowded theater ] . I don’t know what a wise algorithm is, whether any such algorithms exist, how they would qualify for that title, what the definitive definition of wisdom is, and so forth. Some algorithms in contemporary use, however, strike me as foolish. Sources: […] Read more »

Big Ideas and MediaGlyphs

[ by Charles Cameron — Mad Scientist asks, John Robb responds] . Today’s call and response comes to me via two blog posts that followed one another in my RSS feed — in the reverse order to the one I read them in. I’ve straightened that out so response now follows call for your convenience. […] Read more »

Whole lot of DoubleQuoting going on..

[ by Charles Cameron — compare & contrast is a very basic mental practice, and one I’d like to sharpen into the cognitive tool or mental app I term DoubleQuotes ] . This may well be the most significant DoubleTweet of the day — the very fact of its doubleness placing the issue into the […] Read more »

A brief Trump policy statement & book-length question in response

[ by Charles Cameron — also a tweet asking for a DoubleQuote & getting one ] . As so often, Part I of this post is a somewhat playful teaser for Part II, which is where my real interest is to be found. Part I, then, is about someone inquiring about two tweets Donald Trump […] Read more »

Apocalpyse, not!

[ by Charles Cameron — in using the word apocalyptic to describe mundane (or zombied) disturbances such as Brexit, we lose sight of the beauty and mystery it conceals & reveals ] . In fact, not so much as a whiff of fresh napalm in the morning. Tim Furnish has been on a mini-crusade recently […] Read more »

Echoing Ginsberg?

[ by Charles Cameron — the Holland Tunnel arrest and the beat poet’s Howl — a note on semiotics ] . A Dodge SUV registered to Higher Ground Tactical sits in the Port Authority impound yard near the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City on June 21, 2016. Photo: Chad Rachman/New York Post The SUV is […] Read more »

How Syria becomes Palestine

[ by Charles Cameron — on borrowing the atrocities of others for propaganda advantage ] . So @ICC4IDF uses a photo from Syria, bottom right, 2 illustrate his point @QueenWillRock @adamlambert. Enjoy Israel pic.twitter.com/6M7QysIp4T — Ben Af Rothenberg (@RisingRedStorm) June 15, 2016 and: @wake_theFup um that's #Syria. @Google image search it. @tabloidnewsxtra @stateofisrael pic.twitter.com/BSx8sssR9o — […] Read more »

Red mercury as scam and symbol

[ by Charles Cameron — CJ Chivers, nuclear nonsense, faux chemistry, and the alchemical imagination, with hat-tip to Cheryl Rofer ] . CJ Chivers, conflict journalist extraordinaire and author of a book about the Kalashnikov assault rifle, The Gun, today posted a remarkable account of what he terms The Doomsday Scam, with the subtitle “For […] Read more »

Buddhism and Islam: please note disclaimers

[ by Charles Cameron — on monk Wirathu, also the trickiness of images-with-quotes on social media ] . The quote from Wirathu (upper panel, above) is a direct quote from a NYT interview with him: You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog,” Ashin Wirathu said, […] Read more »