Posts from my Coursera classes 3 — on knowing Shia from Sunni

[ by Charles Cameron -- Bush, Reyes and McCain as leading indicators of a difficult learning-curve ] . . Here’s another in my series of posts taken from MOOCs I’ve been participating in. This one comes from the Changing World Order Coursera MOOC from Leiden University, and deals with the knowledge senior US politicians have [...] Read more »

Being Biden Vol. 6: My Friend, John McCain

In the latest installment of "Being Biden," the Vice President tells the story behind a photo taken with Senator John McCain, just before speaking at the McCain Institute for International Leadership in Sedona, Arizona. Listen:

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Reading a partisan cartoon: the parable of a dog’s ears and teeth

[ by Charles Cameron -- on the difficulties that may be posed when "reading" graphics ] . ** The question I want to ask in this post is: how much can you safely read into a political cartoon? Here is the particular cartoon I have in mind: It was published in The Guardian (UK) yesterday, [...] Read more »

McCain Philosophy: “Realistic Idealism.”

or Deconstructing John McCain  by Matthew B. Morris  John McCain gave what was billed as a major foreign policy speech to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council on March 26. In the speech he described himself as a “realistic idealist:” I am an idealist, and I believe it is possible in our time to make the world we live in another, better, more peaceful place, where our interests and those of our allies are more secure, […] Read more »