Trump 1, Theology 0

[ by Charles Cameron — politics wearing religion as a glove and vice versa, mostly re Trump but MB too ] . This is a sort of anti-post for me, because it reports on a situation where theology is considered unimportant by pastor and Governor Mike Huckabee. First, a DoubleTweet from Michelle Boorstein of WaPo: […] Read more »

Respective results of Jihad vs Democracy in a “wild” DoubleQuote

[ by Charles Cameron -- not sure of the original provenance, but the content speaks for itself ] . Infographie jihadiste pour dire que les frères musulmans ont eu tort de croire en la démocratie en rejetant le jihad — David Thomson (@_DavidThomson) September 21, 2014 ** The French text reads: A jihadist infographic […] Read more »

Going five rounds and then some with those Egyptian Crucifixions…

[ by Charles Cameron -- news, debate, credibility, Muslim brotherhood, Egypt, Ansar al-Shariah, Yemen, capital punishment, scriptures, USA, progress? ] . There’s plenty of food for thought here — quite a Smörgåsbord in fact — with rumor outstripping fact, images and facts too grisly for the squeamish, biases and bias-confirmation, subtlety in the details, scriptural [...] Read more »