New White Paper: Hate Speech and the Indonesian Islamic Defenders Front

The CSC has released a new white paper entitled Hate Speech and the Indonesian Islamic Defenders Front by Mark Woodward, Mariani Yahya, Inayah Rohmaniyah, Diana Murtaugh Coleman, Ali Amin and Chris Lundry. The paper looks at hate speech tactics used by the terrorist group Front Pembala Islam (FPI, Islamic Defenders Front) against Christian minorities, the Ahmadiyah sect of Islam, and Muslim organizations and intellectuals supporting religious freedom. Efforts by Indonesian security forces to counter international […] Read more »

Wahhabi Perspectives on Pluralism and Gender

The CSC has released a new white paper by Inayah Rohmaniyah and Mark Woodward entitled Wahhabi Perspectives on Pluralism and Gender: A Saudi – Indonesian Contrast.  The paper is available here and the executive summary follows: In public discourse about Islam, “Wahhabi” is usually a synonym for intolerance, misogyny, and extremism.  Though this is sometimes true it is an over-generalization.  In this paper we contrast two very different forms of Wahhabi Islam focusing on education, […] Read more »

Challenging Assumptions about Muslim Education and Fundamentalism in Indonesia

by Steven R. Corman Readers of this blog will be interested in an article by Mark Woodward (a frequent contributor to this blog) and his colleagues Inayah Rohmaniyah, Ali Amin and Diana Coleman in the most recent issue of Perspectives on Terrorism.  The paper, based on years of ethnographic fieldwork in Indonesia, challenges the popular notion that fundamentalism and religious education have a causal connection to violent extremism.  They have observed that, to the contrary, […] Read more »

Why Some Islamists are Violent and Others Aren’t

by Steven R. Corman For some time people who think about the problem of terrorism have faced a puzzling question: Why is it that some Muslims who hold fundamentalist or radical beliefs about Islam become violent, while others don’t? New research shows that the answer is probably not what you might think. A popular view is that Islam is simply a violent belief system. For example, in National Review’s blog The Corner Andy McCarthy writes: [A]s an admirer […] Read more »

Israeli “Nukes” versus Palestinian Slingshots

by Steven R. Corman The CSC has just released a new white paper entitled Israeli Nukes versus Palestinian Slingshots: David and Goliath in Indonesia by Ronald Lukens-Bull and Mark Woodward.  Both of them are currently visiting professors in Indonesia.  They report on how the local population of Muslims–many of whom are moderates who oppose more radical interpretations of Islam–interpreted the latest skirmish in the Holy Land.  The executive summary of the paper reads: Indonesian press […] Read more »