A Tale of Two Places – Dabiq and Rumiyah

[ by Charles Cameron — Rumiyah is a city for sure, Dabiq not so much ] . The Islamic State has a new magazine out, and it’s titled Rumiyah, not Dabiq. Here’s the first inside page of the first issue of Dabiq, together with the cover of the first issue of Rumiyah: And here’s the […] Read more »

A powerful, credible narrative?

[ by Charles Cameron — how about a powerful, credible foreign policy? — maybe that’s asking too much ] . ** James P. Farwell‘s piece in the National Interest, Information Warfare: The Key to Destroying ISIS, claims: A coalition of Shia militias, Iraqi government forces and anti-ISIS Suncni tribesman are making progress towards ejecting ISIS […] Read more »

The paradoxical roles of luxury cars in the lives of the women of IS

[ by Charles Cameron — not particularly anxious to own a BMW — but did I once win a Rolls for a night of Bach at the Hollywood Bowl ] . Sources: Belfast Telegraph, Jihadi brides with BMW M5s Dabiq, issue #8 p.34, The Twin Halves of the Muhajirin So we’re somewhat fond of the […] Read more »

Joas Wagemakers on al-Maqdisi & the Jordanian pilot negotiations

[ by Charles Cameron — it’s so awkward when the top jihadist scholar in your own lineage doesn’t like your caliphate or your behavior! ] . ** In the Foreword to issue 7 of the IS magazine Dabiq, we find mention of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, mentor of IS’ inspirational predecessor Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, along with […] Read more »

New Article: The NSC is Broken and it’s Time to Fix It

[by Mark Safranski, a.k.a. “zen“] The Chicago Progressive I have a new article up at The Chicago Progressive, where I look at facets of the current exasperating disarray in national security. The NSC is Broken American presidents, particularly in their second term, tend to emphasize foreign and defense affairs in establishing their legacy because it […] Read more »

New mag: now there’s a Brit preaching the Ghazwa e-Hind

[ by Charles Cameron -- we've ignored the apocalyptic aspect of Khorasan for years, now we're admitting it, but still overlooking the second prong ] . ** Introducing the first English language issue of Ihya-e-Khilafat — which is in effect a new magazine, since it has a new intended readership — Tufail Ahmad, director of […] Read more »

The new AQ magazine: Ghazwa e-Hind & more

[ by Charles Cameron -- while one prong of the AQ jihad marches on Jerusalem, the other has its sights set on India ] . ** Well, you only need to get as far as page 5 in the new, 117-page magazine Resurgence from As-Sahab Media (Subcontinent) — AQ with an eye on India, in […] Read more »

Dabiq issue 3 part 1- Hijrah

[ by Charles Cameron -- a pilgrimage with no return -- IS as the victorious group, the saved sect, the strangers ] . ** Hijrah is emigration for religious purposes, pilgrimage on a one-way ticket, and the archetypal Hijrah, that which was made by the Prophet and his followers from Mecca to Medina in 622, […] Read more »

How to Turn Chemical Weapons Like Mustard Gas Into Ordinary Trash

BRYAN CHRISTIE DESIGN In September 2013, Syria agreed to destroy its chemical weapons—good thing the US Department of Defense had recently fast-tracked the Field Deployable Hydrolysis System. It's a facility that can digest and neutralize lethal material, and it breaks down into shipping containers for transport anywhere (sidestepping pesky local laws about moving sarin and […]

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Of impassioned distinctions and lines traced on maps

[ by Charles Cameron -- in which the muj from Khorasan talk even more about the erasing of national boundaries than the soldiers of the IS caliphate ] . Before there were maps, there was terrain, some of it populated, and various populations spoke various languages and identified themselves and each other in various complex [...] Read more »