Syria’s Future Crisis: A Lost Generation

This past weekend, intense fighting between Daesh and Syrian-Kurds in areas of Northern Syria forced more than 23,000 Syrians to cross into Turkey, adding to the 1.7 million registered Syrian refugees already living in the country. Since the onset of the Syrian Civil War in March 2011, nearly 4 million Syrians have fled the country […]

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5 Developing Stories in MENA

Five of the latest developing stories in the MENA region.   1. Houthis take over Yemen Presidential Palace On Tuesday, one day after agreeing to a ceasefire, Shia Houthi fighters have taken over Yemen’s presidential palace which houses the main office of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, located in the capital of Sanaa. Hadi’s government is […]

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5 MENA News Stories You May Have Missed Over the Holidays

Habib Essid Nominated as Tunisia’s Prime Minister   On Jan. 5, former Interior Minister Habib Essid was nominated as Prime Minister by Tunisia’s newly elected parliament. Essid is no stranger in the Congressional palace, as he held a variety of positions in autocrat Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali’s government before being appointed Minister of the Interior […]

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The end of the world in footnote 35, page 18

[ by Charles Cameron -- how the "end times" aspect of the new "caliphate" gets buried somewhere under all the books, papers, and old burrito wrappings on my desk ] . ** Richard Barrett‘s report for The Soufan Group in June 2014, Foreign Fighters in Syria, runs 33 pages, but you’d have to get to [...] Read more »

Easter celebrations 3: the Middle East

[ by Charles Cameron -- third and last of three Easter posts ] . ** Voice of Russia reports: The Holy Fire has been descending in the Holy Sepulcher Church, in a small chapel called Kuvuklia, for more than one millennium. The famous Church Father St. Gregory of Nyssa is believed to be one of [...] Read more »

What We Are Reading

ASP ICYMI - #afghanistan #boots_on_the_ground #fusion #plasma #confinement_time #soft_power #lebanon #iranian_embassy #beirut #greenpeace #voting #nepal #white_house #pentagon #israel #nuclear_program #obama_administration

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Serpent logic and related

[ by Charles Cameron -- where paradox begets form in phrasing, redux ] . Here for your entertainment and entrainment are some further instances where the tweet doubles back on itself, bites its tail, or otherwise embodies some form of “form” that’s noteworthy in its own right, and possibly indicative of the heart of a [...] Read more »

Big Pharaoh: Levels of complexity in presentation

[ by Charles Cameron -- Syria, yes, but with a focus on networks, tensions, mapping, and understanding ] . Binary logic is a poor basis for foreign policy, as Tukhachevskii said on Small Wars Council’s Syria under Bashir Assad: crumbling now? thread, pointing us to the work of The Big Pharaoh. Here are two of [...] Read more »

Emptiness and Hezbollah

[ by Charles Cameron -- food for thought, or empty calories? ] . Sources: Heart Sutra Hezbollah ** Pondering. There’s definitely a form here, a commutative form, and the Buddhist part is interesting because it asserts some kind of commutation is possible between a datum and its own absence — as though the “created” world [...] Read more »

Videos, the counter-nasheed and some dancing girls

[ by Charles Cameron -- further notes from the frayed edges of what's significant ] . Okay, you all know I’m interested in the graphics of terrorism and their symbolism, and only a day or two ago I posted Of dualities, contradictions and the nonduality on the two into one phenomenon — well, here’s an [...] Read more »