JJ MacNab on the Baton Rouge shooter

[ by Charles Cameron — plus further readings on sovereign citizens & the Moorish Science Temple ] . JJ MacNab, author of The Seditionists: Inside the Explosive World of Anti-Government Extremism in America — note date of publication — has the basics on the quasi-religious sovereign citizen and Baton Rouge cop shooter, Gavin Long: Tweet […] Read more »

Clinton Comey?

[ by Charles Cameron — with a side dish of Tzipi Livni ] . photo credit: Greg Nash via The Hill I’ll be socratic here, asking questions to illuminate my hunches. ** I’m seldom fully convinced by anything that comes from the left and reads the way I’d expect the left to read, and seldom […] Read more »

Echoing Ginsberg?

[ by Charles Cameron — the Holland Tunnel arrest and the beat poet’s Howl — a note on semiotics ] . A Dodge SUV registered to Higher Ground Tactical sits in the Port Authority impound yard near the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City on June 21, 2016. Photo: Chad Rachman/New York Post The SUV is […] Read more »

Don’t hide your money in a hortus conclusus

[ by Charles Cameron — a criminal twist in Argentinian politics amid lofty considerations of convents, the Virgin Mary, and unicorns ] . The King James Version of the Bible, Song of Solomon 4:12, reads: A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed. In the Latin Vulgate, the […] Read more »

“One Single” vs “Every Single”

[ by Charles Cameron — in courtroom and intel agency, the same problem ] . It’s an issue for the defense — both against criminal prosecution and terrorist attack — the defense needs to win 100%, the attack only needs to succeed once. I’d seen the counterterrorism version quite a few times, though I didn’t […] Read more »

Turning analytic bifocals on the Islamic State’s Irregulars

[ by Charles Cameron — IS / Daesh focus is not on the question of derangement but of repentance – Dabiq #6, Aquinas, adaequatio ] . Lindt cafe worker escapes Man Haron Monis hostage situation, Sydney – credit Jason Reed, Reuters ** It’s interesting to compare how we think about those like Man Haron Monis […] Read more »

Phineas Priesthood I: Larry McQuilliams

[ by Charles Cameron — I call these events where an ancient scripture provides sanction for contmporary brutality Landmines in the Garden — I could write a book about’em ] . Larry McQuilliams. Photo credit: KSN file photo ** Here’s the main story, as reported by AP on the first of this month: A Texas […] Read more »

Vigilantism: Football Hooligans against Salafists and more

[ by Charles Cameron -- skip straight to the last three sections if you want the meat without the fruit & nuts ] . I didn’t know that football hooligans were against salafists when I put together this DoubleQuote in a free moment yesterday — I just remembered the guns with Bible verses on them […] Read more »

From the caliphate to Ferguson and back, it’s a small world

[ by Charles Cameron -- starting with the news, closing with Jay Forrester & the impact of systems dynamics on our understanding of cause and effect -- a catchup post ] . Clearing the decks grom the last few days, I found this DoubleQuote in the Wild from Ferguson staring out at me from my […] Read more »

Ferguson: tweets of interest 2

[ by Charles Cameron -- a follow up -- noticeable individual protesters and foreign commentary ] . I began the first part of this double post with a strange confluence of religious and political groups — The Nation of Islam, Black Panthers and Moorish Temple — in Ferguson. I’ll begin this one with an interesting […] Read more »