Added notes: Shakespeare as Ozymandias

[ by Charles Cameron — how Bill Benzon and Will Shakespeare lead me to Angus Wilson and Ruth Ozeki ] . Comments are now closed on my fairly recent post, Triangulation: Hoboken, Ramesses II, Ozymandias, so I can’t add there to the strand of the discussion that dealt with Shakespeare‘s language becoming barnacle-encrusted with time […] Read more »

Recommended Reading—Summer 2016

[by J. Scott Shipman]   The Storm of Creativity, by Kyna Leski 2017 War With Russia, by General Sir Richard Shirreff The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough Serendipities, Language and Lunacy, by Umberto Eco Paradise, Dante Alighieri, translated by Mark Musa Undertow, by Stanton S. Coerr The White Horse Cometh, by Rich Parks Washington The Indispensable […] Read more »

Istigkeit, approximately

[ by Charles Cameron — classification, impropriety, and a concept pretty much unique to Meister Eckhart ] . First, here’s what I call a DoubleTweet, juxtaposing two tweets for the resonance between them — and juxtaposing two thoughts for the resonance between them is about as simple a way of demonstrating the whole being greater […] Read more »

No man’s land, one man’s real estate, everyone’s dream?

[ by Charles Cameron — borders and distinctions from Trump to Revelation, plus one ] . Donald Trump‘s “three core principles of real immigration reform”: 1. A nation without borders is not a nation. ** G Spencer-Brown wrote of his book. Laws of Form, “The theme of this book is that a universe comes into […] Read more »

Language, language, please!

[ by Charles Cameron – unclear language gives an out-of-focus snapshot of reality, estimative language hopes to facilitate precision ] . Take a quick look, then skip to the rest of this post & come back later. Unless you already know this thing by heart, and perhaps nurse an inordinate hatred for it. In which […] Read more »

Unholy: perhaps it’s a useful word

[ by Charles Cameron — when religion casts a long and violent shadow ] . cover art for the Unholy album, New Life behind Closed Eyes ** Unholy may prove to be a very useful word, I think. It’s not secular, it’s not irreligious, it doesn’t lack for some sort of supernatural influence — in […] Read more »

Brief brief: of binding and loosing

[ by Charles Cameron — really just a note to myself, but you may read it over my shoulder ] . Joas Wagemakers, blogging on Jihadi-Salafi views of the Islamic State at the Washington Post, was talking about the “caliphate” today, and as usual, I went off on my own DoubleQuoting tangent: ** Here’s Wagemakers’s […] Read more »

DQing my way towards Arabic, one letter at a time

[ by Charles Cameron -- also the Latin Breviary in 24 letters, and the meaning of blood and dots ] . I was aware of the Arabic letter nun: ISIS place this on the walls of the homes of Christians. The letter “Nun” for the word Nasara (????? : Nazarenes). — Simon Godwin (@lastenglishking) […] Read more »

Language as tripwire: Kobani and Ayn al-Arab

[ by Charles Cameron -- third in a series nibbling at the edges of the importance of precision in language ] . Charles Lister, presently a visiting fellow at the Brookings Doha Center and previously with Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Center, is a respected analyst specializing in the Middle East. Two days ago, he tweeted: […] Read more »