Meltdown, No Mouth Must Scream

[ by Charles Cameron — two powerful graphic images, one simple truth ] . ** From a purely graphic angle, the two images mirror one another quite nicely, and arguably the meltdown is the cause for the need to scream. I generally try to avoid politics, but when it leaks over into the same religious […] Read more »

Istigkeit, approximately

[ by Charles Cameron — classification, impropriety, and a concept pretty much unique to Meister Eckhart ] . First, here’s what I call a DoubleTweet, juxtaposing two tweets for the resonance between them — and juxtaposing two thoughts for the resonance between them is about as simple a way of demonstrating the whole being greater […] Read more »

Armageddon: if you can’t hasten it, maybe you can dodge it?

[ by Charles Cameron — plus a date-setting video, awaiting The End in 2031! ] . Armageddon. Even if you can’t hotwire it.. you may still be able to dodge it.. ** From the late Israeli analyst, Reuven Paz: Jihadi apocalyptic discourse, either by Jihadi-Salafi scholars, clerics, or supporters of global Jihad is one of […] Read more »

Of dark sides and devilish walks

[ by Charles Cameron — let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light? ] . Questions: does Cheney‘s “dark side” comment sound less obnoxious when following Franklin Delano Roosevelt‘s “walk with the devil”? alternatively, does Cheney’s remark make FDR’s look less appealing? Perhaps you’re in […] Read more »

John Schindler 3: his latest

[ by Charles Cameron — third of three, almost caught up ] . Schindler a few days back: I'll say it again: Kremlin's positioning itself as pro-Christianity & pro-Islam against the militant atheists & Islamists is potent stuff. — John Schindler (@20committee) January 19, 2015 Schindler’s latest: While you weren't looking, Putin positioned himself as […] Read more »

John Schindler 2: Putin’s Orthodox Jihad

[ by Charles Cameron — second and central of three posts, this one concerning a very powerful JS post ] . Saint Vladimir ** John Schindler‘s piece, Putin’s Orthodox Jihad, as I told him, answers so many of my unspoken questions that even thinking about it almost hurts my eyes. IMO, he is right on […] Read more »

John Schindler 1: Putin, Gorenberg, Jerusalem

[ by Charles Cameron — Putin: the other fellow’s Ukraine is this fellow’s Temple Mount ] . It is hard to keep up with John Schindler [@20committee]: his writings flow fast and sure enough that I feel a bit like Alice, running fast to keep still, as I try to think through enough of what […] Read more »

Paris: best resources

[ by Charles Cameron — where I’m finding clarity in the fog, and grateful for it ] . From my point of view, the most calm-headed and significant tweet thus far today must be Will McCants‘ offering of scholarly context: Insulting the prophet — a helpful scholarly review of the concept in Islam — […] Read more »

Coercion and Social Cohesion

(by Adam Elkus) Reader PRBeckman left a very great comment on my “Legibility at War” post, placing the WWI draft effort in perspective: The federal government wanted to conscript millions of eligible men, but it had no information about those men and it lacked the institutions and money to gather that information so it depended [...] Read more »