No Shangri-La in South China Sea

On Saturday in Singapore, U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter addressed the attendants at the 14th Shangri-La Dialogue, a high-level security forum, asserting China’s recent land reclamation in the South China Sea was "out of step" with international norms, and adding his opposition to “any further militarization” in the region. Read more »

What We Are Reading

ASP ICYMI – Syria, Quantum Physics, Hydropower, Ukraine and the EU, EU police killed in Kosovo, Mexican Hurricane, Tour of Fukushima, Rooftop Solar, John McCain, Japan and China, North Korea, and Climate Change

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Being Biden Vol. 6: My Friend, John McCain

In the latest installment of "Being Biden," the Vice President tells the story behind a photo taken with Senator John McCain, just before speaking at the McCain Institute for International Leadership in Sedona, Arizona. Listen:

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President Obama Calls for a Responsible Approach to Deficit Reduction

President Barack Obama at Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, Va., Feb. 26, 2013

President Barack Obama delivers remarks to highlight the devastating impact the sequester will have on jobs and middle class families, at Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, Va., Feb. 26, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

Unless Congress takes action, over the next few weeks our economy will be hit with harmful automatic cuts that threaten hundreds of thousands of middle class jobs. These cuts will slash vital services for children, seniors, people with mental illness and health care for our troops and military families

President Obama strongly believes we need to replace these arbitrary cuts with balanced deficit reduction, and today he was at a shipyard in Newport News, VA to talk about what these cuts -- which are known as the sequester -- will mean for middle class families. 

While the full damage of these cuts will spread to nearly every corner of our economy over the next few months, some workers will receive layoff or furlough notices within days. Many of the 5,000 companies and small businesses from across the country that supply Newport News Shipbuilding with parts and equipment will be impacted, which will affect the firm's productivity. And down the road at the Norfolk Naval Station, the threat of these cuts has already forced the Navy to cancel the deployment and delay the repair of certain aircraft carriers, and postpone building on additional vessels. If the cuts are implemented, about 90,000 Virginians who work for the Department of Defense will be forced to take unpaid leave from their jobs, creating a ripple effect on thousands of other jobs, businesses, and services throughout the Commonwealth – and not just in the defense industry. 

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Senate Panel Keeps Navy’s Biofuel Plan Afloat

The Navy's plans to power warships with biofuels may not be out of gas quite yet. On Tuesday, the Senate defense appropriations subcommittee voted to continue funding the alternative energy program, keeping alive the Navy's push for an ambitious "Great Green Fleet," propelled by renewable fuels. Read more »

How the Navy’s Incompetence Sank the ‘Green Fleet’

On Wednesday, the Navy will sail its eco-friendly "Great Green Fleet" for the first time -- and maybe the last. The Navy has screwed up its once-promising biofuel plan with a blend of bad politics and questionable analysis, alienating Congress and Pentagon insiders alike. And that's before they get socked with a $1.8 billion annual bill for all that green fuel. Read more »

Debate Scorecard on Public Diplomacy: Obama 0.5, McCain 0

by Steven R. Corman You would think that any presidential debate on foreign policy would have to spend a lot of time talking about how American policy is perceived and how its perception influences our ability to project power, pursue our strategies, and achieve our goals. You would be wrong. In the entire 90 minute presidential debate last night, that issue only came up once near the end of the debate when, in response to […] Read more »

External Messages vs. Internal Conversation

by Steven R. Corman We often tend to think of U.S. strategic communication problems as having to do with our messages to the rest of the world. To be sure, that is an area where we need a lot of work. But it’s easy to become over-focused on the external aspects of the problem, and overlook the internal dimensions. This is Michael Scheuer’s point in a new book entitled Marching Toward Hell. In a recent […] Read more »