‘Insider Attacks’ Could Poison U.S. Ops Way Beyond Afghanistan

Insurgents and terrorists in Yemen, Somalia and beyond owe a a great deal of thanks to the Afghan National Army and Police. Those ostensible U.S. allies just gave U.S. enemies a new strategy for attacking a weak link in the "shadow wars" that define the future of U.S. counterterrorism: Infiltrate the local security forces and kill the American mentors. Read more »

Training Changes Seriously Complicate U.S.’s Afghan Exit Strategy

On paper, the path out of Afghanistan for the U.S. remains what it's always been: preparing Afghan troops to fight the insurgency by 2014. And the NATO military command insists that's all on course. But in reality, the persistence of Afghan troops attacking their American mentors has prompted a major shift in how the U.S. trains Afghans, to the point where it calls into question the cornerstone of the U.S. exit strategy. Read more »

Joshua Foust interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ASP Fellow Joshua Foust is quoted in a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on a recent increase in "green on blue" attacks in Afghanistan. Foust explains that the purpose of these attacks is to "undermine confidence" in the security capabilities of international forces and the Afghan government. Read more »