Turnabout is fair play?

[ by Charles Cameron — fascinated as always by the interweave of worlds ] . If not causality, then at least correlation? Batman goes to Iraq to save the caliphate from the Joker, and other parallels; my latest http://t.co/7PECNZX9O0 pic.twitter.com/rkciaYLv79 — J.M. Berger (@intelwire) August 19, 2015 I’m really not sure which came first, the […] Read more »

Lewis Shepherd on the IC/Mil/NatSec Potential of Holographic Computing

[by Mark Safranski, a.k.a. “zen“] Lewis Shepherd, formerly of the DIA and IC and recently of Microsoft, has an outstanding post on Microsoft’s exciting ambient/holographic computing interface HoloLens. What I saw in the videos is stunning and I then ran them by an extremely tough, tech savvy and jaded audience – my students – their […] Read more »

On Magic: Jane’s and the Jesuits

[ by Charles Cameron -- a brief note on my own bi-focal vision, with appreciation to Marina Warner ] . ** I was just reading Marina Warner‘s recent essay On Magic — and protective magic in particular — and was struck by the phrase: Calligraphic blazons act as icons, gems are incised with prayers to [...] Read more »

New Book: The Violent Image by Neville Bolt

The Violent Image by Neville Bolt  Columbia University Press just sent me a review copy of The Violent Image, by Dr. Neville Bolt of King’s College vaunted War Studies Department.  Initially, I was amused by the colorful book jacket, but flipping through, it belies a very weighty, heavily footnoted, academic exploration of the iterative relationship [...] Read more »

The Person / Position Paradox: once more, with avatars

[ by Charles Cameron -- a follow up to my previous post -- and it's not religion that's the alternate reality this time, but games ] . . I just posted a long and potentially contentious post about what I called a person / position paradox: that of the member of the US House Committee [...] Read more »

Pew II: Prevalence of belief in the Jinn

[ by Charles Cameron -- Corbin on Queen Bilqis, Qur'an and hadith regarding jinn, Pew statistics on belief in jinn -- with some earlier Natsec implications & a non-serious suggestion from contemporary physics ] . . I’ve been “fond” of the jinn (djenoun) since first encountering them in the brilliant short stories of Paul Bowles, [...] Read more »