Quick notes on intelligent intelligence, 2

[ by Charles Cameron — on a quote from my fellow whacky Brit, Geoffrey Pyke ] . Whacky? From a short description of the man by his biographer, Henry Hemming: Geoffrey Pyke, an inventor, war reporter, escaped prisoner, campaigner, father, educator–and all-around misunderstood genius. In his day, he was described as one of the world’s […] Read more »

Quick notes on intelligent intelligence, 1

[ by Charles Cameron — I do believe this will be a new series ] . ** Intelligence, obviously, can mean something along the lines of bright thinking, but also that which is gathered, usually from the extremities of empire or the most hidden of an opponent’s or ally’s secret secrets — but for my […] Read more »

Net gains in Turkey and Iran?

[ by Charles Cameron — when two data points contradict a trend, what’s up? ] . Gotta love the graphic of “Twitter being written into the ancient Persian Cyrus Cylinder in an animation film for Farsi Twitter, highlighting the platforms importance for communications in Iran” (upper panel, below): — and there’s something faintly Escherian about […] Read more »

“One Single” vs “Every Single”

[ by Charles Cameron — in courtroom and intel agency, the same problem ] . It’s an issue for the defense — both against criminal prosecution and terrorist attack — the defense needs to win 100%, the attack only needs to succeed once. I’d seen the counterterrorism version quite a few times, though I didn’t […] Read more »

Go googled, GBG still to go: 1

[ by Charles Cameron — games, games, games — & prepping a challenge for AI, the analytic community & CNA ] . Playing go, Hasegawa, Settei, 1819-1882, Library of Congress ** In the past, computers have won such games as Pong and Space Invaders: Google’s AI system, known as AlphaGo, was developed at DeepMind, the […] Read more »

A fantastic “bribery, corruption & recursion” DoubleTweet

[ by Charles Cameron — bribery regarding bribery in Ukraine and Iraq, form & pattern recognition as analytic markers ] . You might think it would be difficut to cap this, from Ukraine, which I quoted recently: #Ukraine busts a prosecutor who tried to pay a $10k bribe for job in anti-corruption bureau https://t.co/cALDTIPpz3 pic.twitter.com/aZfE8Q5EZK […] Read more »

DoubleQuote as Match Cut

[ by Charles Cameron — further passing notes in the virtual music of ideas, including meditations for glass bead game players ] . From the agile algorithmic eyes at Archillect: pic.twitter.com/UYPCmKzpDW — Archillect (@archillect) October 12, 2015 A match cut or graphic match in cinema is, in Wikipedia’s words, a cut in film editing between […] Read more »

On the various uses and modes of DoubleQuotes thinking

[ by Charles Cameron — working my way towards that ever-elusive Grand Theory of Linkage ] . Ahem — not unlike my DoubleQuote format, these Taiwanese leg-irons offer another form of linkage ** Here’s a cross-cultural DoubleQuote embedded in a Guardian paragraph — from Xiaolu Guo, writing on the Analects of Confucius in Ten Books […] Read more »

Gaming the Islamic State three ways from Sunday

[ by Charles Cameron — what hipbone thinking / gaming could and should bring to the natsec table ] . I have just been browsing the Institute for the Study of War‘s report on its ISIS wargame, and thought I’d wargame ISIS a bit myself, using my DoubleQuotes game. ** The ISW report, in its […] Read more »

Zen in the Art of Future Warfare

[ by Charles Cameron — a highly interesting discussion, discussed ] . How to Write and Fight World War III: This is the video of a terrific discussion of the future of warfare — peacemaking, too, if you see them as two sides of a coin — from the Art of Future Warfare project, to […] Read more »