Solo AND Symphony: How to Protect America

Music lovers don’t confine themselves to solo performances or to symphonic programs. They appreciate both. They attend both. Similarly the conduct of a nation’s foreign affairs depends on the ability of its leadership to explore all avenues, working alone or in concert, as appropriate, opening doors and minds to the prospect of a better safer world for all, thus making walls unnecessary. Unfortunately, as this election season has worn on, week after painful week, there has been little room for serious discussion. We can only hope that the upcoming face-to-face debates will be a little more substantive. Read more »

Meltdown, No Mouth Must Scream

[ by Charles Cameron — two powerful graphic images, one simple truth ] . ** From a purely graphic angle, the two images mirror one another quite nicely, and arguably the meltdown is the cause for the need to scream. I generally try to avoid politics, but when it leaks over into the same religious […] Read more »

Old Hat — I was on my way to DoubleQuote Trump & Clinton

[ by Charles Cameron — folks you might not entrust with your secrets ] . I was on my way to DoubleQuote two Presidential candidates that some people wouldn’t want to entrust with secret briefings from the Intelligence Community — Trump & Clinton — citing Shane Harris‘ Spies Worry Candidate Trump Will Spill Secrets piece […] Read more »

Clinton Comey?

[ by Charles Cameron — with a side dish of Tzipi Livni ] . photo credit: Greg Nash via The Hill I’ll be socratic here, asking questions to illuminate my hunches. ** I’m seldom fully convinced by anything that comes from the left and reads the way I’d expect the left to read, and seldom […] Read more »

Orlando Tweets Two

[ by Charles Cameron — on a variety of other perspectives ] . Once again, my point is that there’s a whole lot of going on going on, and it’s worth getting a wide-angle view.. which means multiple perspectives, including those not your own: Good column by @sulliveiw. Before we knew much about #Orlando, every […] Read more »

Istigkeit, approximately

[ by Charles Cameron — classification, impropriety, and a concept pretty much unique to Meister Eckhart ] . First, here’s what I call a DoubleTweet, juxtaposing two tweets for the resonance between them — and juxtaposing two thoughts for the resonance between them is about as simple a way of demonstrating the whole being greater […] Read more »

The American Spring and the Arab Spring

In short, instead of aping the take-no-prisoners approach to leadership transition that makes such a mess of so many countries in the Middle East and North Africa, instead of tearing America apart by increasingly militant polarization, we should be out there, busily selling our own miracle potion for stable evolutionary change—and selling it by example, I suggest. A little more emphasis on we the people might be a good start. Read more »

More than undiplomatic moments: State’s diversity record remains behind a hard line

I’d like to know, however, just how helpful Madeleine (1997-2001), Hillary (2009-2013) or, for that matter, Condoleezza Rice (2005-2009) were when they were Secretaries of State to women in the career Foreign Service. Albright, Rice and Clinton, after all, occupied the lofty position for a combined total of 12 years since Albright assumed it as our first female Secretary in 1997. Verbally advocating women’s rights is one thing, but actually righting a long standing injustice in one’s own department is another. Read more »

Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices: A Must Read

Should she or should she not accept Barack Obama’s invitation to join his Cabinet as Secretary of State? This was the first hard choice that Clinton confronted after she had lost the primary race. Her opponent, having gone on to win the presidency after a hotly contested primary fight, wanted her to join his team. There were alternatives. She could have retreated into stereotypical family life, she could have hung around nursing her wounds, she could have accepted any number of positions that would have kept her political viability intact—or she could accept the call of duty and help her rival succeed in the position she’d wanted for herself. Which did she choose? The latter. When the President asks for you help, she writes, you can’t turn him down. Win or lose, you have a duty to your country.Barack Obama will complete his second term, step down and spend the rest of his life as a respected former president. Hillary Clinton, her reputation enhanced by her four years in his cabinet as Secretary of State, will probably make another run for the presidency. Win or lose, she'll accept the results gracefully. Many aspects of the election process in the U.S. could use a little improvement, but the Obama/Chinton interaction is a good example of America at its best. Read more »

President Obama Hosts Iftar Dinner at the White House

President Barack Obama hosts an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan in the State Dining Room of the White House, July 14, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon) Last night... Read more »