Putin, Hezbollah on the Brit right, Pokémon Go at the Yasukuni

[ by Charles Cameron — a couple of discordant notes on goings on ] . This tweet from Casey Michel showing contemporary American fans of Sir Oswald Mosley — My look at growing ties between US hard-right extremists and Kremlin-linked organizations: https://t.co/OtslMcDLMT pic.twitter.com/SOoPeMxvHf — Casey Michel (@cjcmichel) July 17, 2016 — looked interesting, so I […] Read more »

Iran’s Fragile Rise

While the recent nuclear framework agreement between the P5+1 and Iran is a major step towards ensuring that Tehran does not obtain nuclear weapons, some justifiably point out that a final deal might turn Iran into a “second Saudi Arabia,” albeit one that will wreak much havoc throughout the Middle East and beyond. As Benjamin […]

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What We Are Reading

International News Coverage   Middle East, Terrorism and Counterterrorism Retired Generals: U.S. set for failure in Iraq and Syria without clear Strategy Thomas Gibbons-Neff / The Washington Post Without a clear strategy from the White House and the return of a robust defense budget, the United States is set for failures in Afghanistan, Iraq, and […]

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5 Developing Stories in MENA

Five of the latest developing stories in the MENA region.   1. Houthis take over Yemen Presidential Palace On Tuesday, one day after agreeing to a ceasefire, Shia Houthi fighters have taken over Yemen’s presidential palace which houses the main office of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, located in the capital of Sanaa. Hadi’s government is […]

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Diplomacy the movie, Nazrallah on Daesh, diplomacy as sport

[ by Charles Cameron -- these caught my eye recently on the Aussie Lowy Interpreter site -- an upcoming movie, Nasrallah on IS / Daesh, and Rugby diplomacy, NZ-style ] . This looks to be a film that may be of interest to ZP readers: Perhaps Zen and others can comment on the historical vs […] Read more »

Of a flag and the blood of martyrs

[ by Charles Cameron -- how, where and why the name, the map, and the flag merge into reality -- Gregory Bateson to the rescue ] . I am indebted for this screengrab to Phillip Smyth, whose recent Singing Hizballah’s Tune in Manama: Why Are Bahrain’s Militants Using the Music of Iran’s Proxies? post in [...] Read more »

An interesting pattern I’ll call Piggy in the Middle

[ by Charles Cameron -- on the travails of negotiators & peacemakers ] . I’m thinking of the simple, three-player version of the children’s game called Piggy in the Middle. Two plays face each other and toss a ball back and forth, while a third player standing between them attempts to intercept the ball in [...] Read more »

On Islam 1: Reuel Mark Gerecht

[ by Charles Cameron -- on an impressive video, featuring Matt Levitt and Reuel Gerecht on Hezbollah ] . Matthew Levitt‘s contribution to a recent panel at the International Soy Museum was a tour de force. Levitt, whose work as a CT analyst has included stints with both the FBI and Treasury, was discussing his [...] Read more »

Now, about taklif, and about parawar?

[ by Charles Cameron -- two learnings about Hezbollah, in process and with one question each ] . . The trouble with this internet thing is that it offers nonstop opportunities for learning. I hope my readers here at Zenpundit know by now that I’m an amateur (a lover) of the topics that I write [...] Read more »

Of serpent-bites in logic

[ by Charles Cameron -- continuing my series on the "serpent bites tail" reflexive form (1, 2, 3, 4) in which analytic gems and other insights may often be easily discovered or succinctly expressed -- read this post fast for fun, or reflectively (!!) for the ripples ] . I’m going to lead off with [...] Read more »