Echoing Ginsberg?

[ by Charles Cameron — the Holland Tunnel arrest and the beat poet’s Howl — a note on semiotics ] . A Dodge SUV registered to Higher Ground Tactical sits in the Port Authority impound yard near the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City on June 21, 2016. Photo: Chad Rachman/New York Post The SUV is […] Read more »

Don’t hide your money in a hortus conclusus

[ by Charles Cameron — a criminal twist in Argentinian politics amid lofty considerations of convents, the Virgin Mary, and unicorns ] . The King James Version of the Bible, Song of Solomon 4:12, reads: A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed. In the Latin Vulgate, the […] Read more »

Orlando Tweets Two

[ by Charles Cameron — on a variety of other perspectives ] . Once again, my point is that there’s a whole lot of going on going on, and it’s worth getting a wide-angle view.. which means multiple perspectives, including those not your own: Good column by @sulliveiw. Before we knew much about #Orlando, every […] Read more »

Orlando Tweets One

[ by Charles Cameron — on the variety of possible motives ] . On twitter alone, there’s far too much going on as we scramble to understand the Orlando massacre for anyone to make a useful summary, although I must say that Rukmini Callimachi‘s twitter feed since yesterday has been superb. My own first assortment […] Read more »

Some DoubleQuotin’ flag’n’gun totin’ tweetin’ goin’ on

[ by Charles Cameron — NB: not claiming equivalency, simply documenting some provocative “compare and contrast” usage on Twitter ] . Gun-toting Colorado teens pose for prom pics with Confederate flag as parents egg them on h/t @BenjaminNorton — Hend (@LibyaLiberty) May 7, 2015 just sayin'. — Hend (@LibyaLiberty) May 7, 2015 the […] Read more »

Veri-Fire announcement

[ by Charles Cameron — the future of handgun safety? ] . Blog-friend James Skylar Gerrond announced today: “Veri-Fire will launch Guardian, our biometric trigger guard for handguns on 13 April.” What is it? Guardian is the revolutionary solution in responsibly securing your handgun against unauthorized or accidental use while maintaining unprecedented readiness. I can […] Read more »