Anjem Choudary was a leader. His conviction will damage terror networks

A new piece in the wake of the revelation of Anjem Choudary’s conviction for the Guardian looking at the question of the importance of leadership in terrorist networks and what his detention means. The article is a bit less declarative as the title, but there we go. Also spoke to BBC Today about Choudary’s arrest […] Read more »

Ignored by the authorities, emboldened by Brexit, Europe’s far right is surging

And a second post-Brexit article, this time for the Guardian, covering some of the same points but this time focused singularly on the far right and the implications for them for the Brexit vote. This has some depressing portents in the future for it, and lets hope that politicians and others can find ways to […] Read more »

Flight or film? How cameraphones made the bystander key to spreading terror message

A short response to last Friday’s incident in Leytonstone for the Guardian where an apparently mentally troubled man attacked some people on the tube. Unclear case, though his expression of ideology suggests a possible terrorist connection in there somewhere. A depressing event that will highlight the persistent problem of both loud ideologies and lone actor […] Read more »

Brief brief: from cost-benefit to apocalypse

[ by Charles Cameron — a bullet train of thought re Daesh from the New Yorker ] . ** George Packer, in Why ISIS Murdered Kenji Goto a couple of days ago, connects a longer distance between ideas faster than the bullet train from Beijing to Guangzhou… The Islamic State doesn’t behave according to recognizable […] Read more »

The Sydney siege fits the new, confusing global norm: the ‘lone actor’ attack

First of all: Happy holidays to anyone who is reading this! A brief hiatus over the holiday period after a slowdown towards the end of the year for a variety of reasons, but will be hopefully back to more regular output next year. In the wake of Sydney (and subsequent events in France) had a spate […] Read more »

Red lines and the credibility arms race

[The views and opinions expressed here are solely the responsibility of Lynn C. Rees. They may not necessarily reflect the official views or opinions of Zenpundit]  To deter, Barack Obama has publicly drawn a red line between tolerable and intolerable. We now watch to see and (perhaps) learn if open signaling of red lines has [...] Read more »

Reading a partisan cartoon: the parable of a dog’s ears and teeth

[ by Charles Cameron -- on the difficulties that may be posed when "reading" graphics ] . ** The question I want to ask in this post is: how much can you safely read into a political cartoon? Here is the particular cartoon I have in mind: It was published in The Guardian (UK) yesterday, [...] Read more »