Syria and drawing the web of tensions

[ by Charles Cameron — with a Magnus Ransdorp squib in its tail ] . The issue is complexity, and how you represent it. The case in point is Syria. Here’s a diagram that suggests complexity as a sort of crazy weaving, all straight lines and colors: This *simple* chart shows all states of hostility […] Read more »

Meltdown, No Mouth Must Scream

[ by Charles Cameron — two powerful graphic images, one simple truth ] . ** From a purely graphic angle, the two images mirror one another quite nicely, and arguably the meltdown is the cause for the need to scream. I generally try to avoid politics, but when it leaks over into the same religious […] Read more »

UKIP and NSDAP — curving in parallel?

[ by Charles Cameron — immigration, Brexit, and the killing of MP Jo Cox ] . Two parties that don’t like immigration, and say so with similar propaganda images — but when the two images are juxtaposed, does the similarity between their two curving lines of unwanted immigrants, East German Jews in the aftermath of […] Read more »

DoubleQuoting Trumps and Cruzes

[ by Charles Cameron — various angles on graphical thinking in two Republican presidential campaigns ] . To start with, here is presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeting a humorous, tasteless and wildly unfair DoubleQuote in the Wild against his rival for the Republican nomination, Ted Cruz — evidence for the pervasiveness and persuasiveness of this […] Read more »

Reversals and blowbacks

[ by Charles Cameron — cf. boustrophedon, enantiodromia, ouroboros, paradox, unintended consequences ] . I have had this graphic around for a while: As you can see, I originally intended it to accompany a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes: We should be eternally vigilant against attempts to check the expression of opinions that we loathe. […] Read more »

Comparative martyr photos for Ibn Siqilli

[ by Charles Cameron — Muslim and Sikh memorial photos have similar aesthetic & emotional appeal ] . I’ve long been interested in the death photos used in AQ and IS propaganda, several of which Chris Anzalone [aka Ibn Siqilli] has documented, eg: Al-Zubayr al-Sudani, as featured in the AQC-produced video series “Wind of Paradise“ […] Read more »

Sceenius: Y2K and a universal graphical mapping language

[ by Charles Cameron — a mental long-jump, following Sceenius: the macro in micro, Nepal ] . It’s a stretch, I know, and whether it will prove a useful leap or not I have no idea — but for the record, this detail from slide 8 of the Sceenius promo caught my eye, offering a […] Read more »

DoubleQuote as Match Cut

[ by Charles Cameron — further passing notes in the virtual music of ideas, including meditations for glass bead game players ] . From the agile algorithmic eyes at Archillect: — Archillect (@archillect) October 12, 2015 A match cut or graphic match in cinema is, in Wikipedia’s words, a cut in film editing between […] Read more »

In Brief: Azzam illustrates Levi-Strauss on Mythologiques

[ by Charles Cameron — the geometry of two miracle stories from Abdullah Azzam ] . These two tales are taken from Abdullah Azzam, Signs of ar-Rahman in the Jihad of Afghan. ** Binary oppositions seem to be basic to the human thought process, and this simple, elegant observation has in turn given rise to […] Read more »

Of morale and angels, Kiev and Ragnarok

[ by Charles Cameron — not to mention crushing Khomeini, lubing your M16, and that Afghan powerpoint ] . ** In my previous post, Of morale, angels and Spartans, I raised the question of how our increasingly visual and graphical age could visually represent morale. I noted that the Muslims outfought a larger force at […] Read more »