Words, words — what’s a bunch of Wordsworth?

[ by Charles Cameron -- bemused again, "jihad" (the word) in the news, "big data" too, plus Google expecting Mahdi ] . I suppose I should be glad — or should I? — that the word jihad is now in the news. It’s about time. Jihad (the word, the concept, the interpretations) should have been [...] Read more »

Jottings 2: Dr Fadl book announcement

[ by Charles Cameron -- I got the announcement via Cole Bunzel, and Kévin Jackson kindly informed me that Dr Fadl is currently free ] . Dr Fadl‘s announcement, in Arabic, is here — I had to use Google Translate, which wouldn’t pass a Turing test. However… ** A while back, I made a post [...] Read more »

Gmail Location Data Led FBI to Uncover Top Spy’s Affair

Gmail Location Data Led FBI to Uncover Top Spy’s Affair
Every year careless hackers, cyberstalkers and others are undone by the digital trails they leave behind for law enforcement to collect and trace back to them. But who would have thought the nation's top spy chief would be undone so easily by digital footprints left behind in Gmail? Read more »

Apple, Bing Maps Reveal Secret Sites

A top-secret base in Taiwan, revealed on an Apple Map. The Navy SEALs' rehearsal site for the Osama bin Laden raid, found on Bing. Once again, commercial satellites have snapped images of things that governments would rather hide from public view. And once again, those governments are finding that there's not much they can do, once this sensitive imagery ends up online. Read more »

Muslim Rappers, ‘Google Ideas’: Inside the Flawed U.S. Campaign to Fight Militant Memes

The day after Islamic extremists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the nation's top counterterrorists gathered... for a brainstorming session on how to keep violent extremism down in the long term. The disconnect shows just how lost the U.S. remains about undercutting the militants' appeal, more than a decade after 9/11. Read more »

What Happened in Benghazi Was a Battle

It was not a simple mob that attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on Tuesday, killing four Americans. Benghazi was the scene of a pitched battle, one in which unknown Libyan assailants besieged American diplomats with small-arms fire for over four hours, repelling several attempts by U.S. personnel to regain control of it. Read more »

NSA Mimics Google, Pisses Off Senate

In 2008, a team of software coders inside the National Security Agency started reverse-engineering the database that ran Google. They closely followed the Google research paper describing BigTable — the sweeping database that underpinned many of the Google’s online services, running across tens of thousands of computer servers — but they also went a little [...] Read more »