Threat to terrorism: reassessing terrorism as a moral category

In this article Meor Alif challenges the commonly held viewpoint that all terrorist acts, particularly those that are violent, are inherently morally vacuous with no place in a modern democracy. By reassessing the morality behind terrorist acts from a consequentialist perspective, … Continue reading Read more »

Analyzing the ‘war on terror’ and its impact on Americans

Jennifer Noud, undergraduate at Florida State university, examines how the war on terror has evolved and impacted on Americans since 9/11. Previous modern wars have traditionally been broadcast through radio and then television. The current ‘war on terror’ is drastically … Continue reading Read more »

Beware the Al Qaeda phantom in Syria

As Hafez al Assad stares down at the rapidly deteriorating situation in Syria from that special place in heaven for Syrian dictators, surely the thought that a Libyan styled intervention happening in Syria would have crossed his mind. As much … Continue reading Read more »

GWOT bi-weekly round-up February 26

Afghanistan Paul Miller questions Obama’s policy towards Afghanistan. Qatar Harry’s Place looks at Qatar’s decision to host a conference of anti-semites. Saudi Arabia The Arabist looks at protests in Saudi Arabia. Syria J.E.Dyer looks at Obama’s “active” support for those … Continue reading Read more »

The road not taken: how Frost is teaching us to understand the Muslim Brotherhood in the fight against Al Qaeda

In this article Meor Alif examines the future of an Egypt governed by the Muslim Brotherhood, arguing that both expectations and preconceived notions of the Brotherhood should be adjusted in light of their historical legacy in Egypt and the reality of the situation … Continue reading Read more »

Hezbollah: enter the Arab Summer

This week Meor Alif examines Hezbollah and a Middle East changed by the Arab Spring. From its modest beginnings, Hezbollah has emerged as an eminent force in the region bolstered by Iran but this alliance faces a number of challenges. Hezbollah … Continue reading Read more »