Vigilantism: Football Hooligans against Salafists and more

[ by Charles Cameron -- skip straight to the last three sections if you want the meat without the fruit & nuts ] . I didn’t know that football hooligans were against salafists when I put together this DoubleQuote in a free moment yesterday — I just remembered the guns with Bible verses on them […] Read more »

A Quick 1: DoubleTweet

[ by Charles Cameron -- a quick one while I'm toiling away at something longer on Ebola & cultures, and I don't mean the kind in Petrie dishes ] . This, today in Holland: Three of the No Surrender Banditos bikers have 'joined the fight against Islamist militants' — The Independent (@Independent) October […] Read more »

Ferguson: tweets of interest 2

[ by Charles Cameron -- a follow up -- noticeable individual protesters and foreign commentary ] . I began the first part of this double post with a strange confluence of religious and political groups — The Nation of Islam, Black Panthers and Moorish Temple — in Ferguson. I’ll begin this one with an interesting […] Read more »

Rape as Strategy: Gaza and London

[ by Charles Cameron -- at least three ways of looking at a pair of tweets ] . If there can be Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, there are at least three or four ways of looking at these two tweets: The similarities are eerie, the differences are enormous. ** You could, I [...] Read more »

Narco-cartels as MBAs Doing 4GW

[by Mark Safranski, a.k.a. "zen"]   Yale organizational behaviorist Rodrigo Canales has an interesting talk on the Narco-insurgency in Mexico ( which he correctly sees as having been as lethal as Syria’s civil war). While this won’t be news to close students of Mexico’s cartel wars, Canales explains how Los Zeta, La Familia, Knights Templar and Sinaloa [...] Read more »

Moral Degeneration in the Crucible of War

  The recent post on Is 4GW Dead? stirred a great deal of interest, so I would like to extend the discussion on a point that that is critical not only for those who have responsibility for conducting military campaigns, but for statecraft and policy as well. One of more important tenets of 4GW was [...] Read more »

The Controversial CTC Report

The Center for Combating Terrorism at West Point released a report on domestic terrorism that raised hackles for a number of reasons. Despite the dismissals of liberal political pundits, the reasons for objections to the CTC report are legitimate but they did not need to arise in the first place and might have been avoided with a [...] Read more »