McCants explains the Saudis, Quantico rebukes them

[ by Charles Cameron — Saudi-sourced jihadism, the FBI, Baader-Meinhof — hey, it’s all about terrosism ] . Will McCants explains [upper panel, below] how the Saudis are and are not promoting terrorism — — while a screen-cap from episode 9 in the first season of Quantico explains just why such an approach is logically […] Read more »

Clinton Comey?

[ by Charles Cameron — with a side dish of Tzipi Livni ] . photo credit: Greg Nash via The Hill I’ll be socratic here, asking questions to illuminate my hunches. ** I’m seldom fully convinced by anything that comes from the left and reads the way I’d expect the left to read, and seldom […] Read more »

Ali Soufan on strategy & tactics

[ by Charles Cameron — short and sweet ] . Everyone here knows that we are in a conflict with Islamic extremism. Everyone here knows that strategic outweighs tactical success. And most everyone here knows that Ali Soufan is one of the key voices on that topic — lead FBI agent investigating the Cole bombing, […] Read more »

Analysis, and the question of trust

[ by Charles Cameron — who was taught to think of “longer term” as extending to our children of the seventh generation ] . Here’s the problem: ** In the Introduction to Cyber Analogies (Feb 2014, 133 pp., Emily Goldman & John Arquilla, eds) we read: The project was conceived and carried out to help […] Read more »

Two in the wild from @tinyrevolution, plus one

[ by Charles Cameron -- in which my doppelgänger Jon Schwartz of Tiny Revolution comes up with a few of my ideas before I've even woken up, see "background" below ] . I’m posting this first pair of images with my friends Mike Sellers and Bryan Alexander in mind: New logo for US spy satellite [...] Read more »

On Islam 1: Reuel Mark Gerecht

[ by Charles Cameron -- on an impressive video, featuring Matt Levitt and Reuel Gerecht on Hezbollah ] . Matthew Levitt‘s contribution to a recent panel at the International Soy Museum was a tour de force. Levitt, whose work as a CT analyst has included stints with both the FBI and Treasury, was discussing his [...] Read more »

Serpent logics: a ramble

[ by Charles Cameron -- continuing my exploration of a pattern language of thoughts, both verbal and imagistic ] . This is a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships. via @usmanm — Nat. Maritime Museum (@NMMGreenwich) October 15, 2013 One of my favorite patterns derives from the nesting of Russian dolls inside Russian dolls, so [...] Read more »

Two tales from the outsider jihad

[ by Charles Cameron -- wanna know the very latest on those black banners from Khorasan? ] . Here’s the scene that greeted four British recruits to the jihad on their arrival at a training camp in Pakistan in August 2011: This wasn’t like the training camps of propaganda videos, with the black flag of [...] Read more »