Happiness in the proximity of faith and death

[ by Charles Cameron — the emotional impact of faith, from a nun present at the Normandy attack to a failed suicide bomber in Syria ] . According to this IB Times article, Tragic last words of Catholic priest killed by Isis terrorists revealed, Sister Helene Decaux, one of the nuns who was present at […] Read more »

Second American Revolution II: the symbolic side of things

[ by Charles Cameron -- always on the watch for the symbolic ] . First, let’s admit that the cattle-rancher archetype has immense popular appeal. Here’s the header from the Bundy Ranch website: That’s pretty hard to beat, no? ** As ever, I’m concerned to keep track of the symbolic side of things, the emotional [...] Read more »

The Sounds of Silence and Your Own Mind

Scott Shipman had an excellent book review post An Unknown Future and a Doubtful Present: Writing the Victory Plan of 1941 — a review-lite and a few questions in which he discussed the intellectual seriousness and evolution of war planner   Major Albert C. Wedemeyer as a military officer and strategist: ….Wedemeyer was an honor graduate [...] Read more »