Two serpent-eats-tail views of the Brennan email hack

[ by Charles Cameron — spy vs spy as delicate moral balance ] . There are two sentences in When The Hackers Become The Hacked: Why Reading John Brennan’s Emails Feels Wrong, Ali Watkins‘ HuffPo piece a couple of days ago, that feature a neat sense of paradox, and what’s most interesting about them is […] Read more »

Turnabout is fair play?

[ by Charles Cameron — fascinated as always by the interweave of worlds ] . If not causality, then at least correlation? Batman goes to Iraq to save the caliphate from the Joker, and other parallels; my latest — J.M. Berger (@intelwire) August 19, 2015 I’m really not sure which came first, the […] Read more »

English Pubs DoubleQuote: Heaven and Hell — plus Sharro

[ by Charles Cameron -- I'm in Caliornia at present, and thus without access to either of these possibilities -- plus -- in praise of Karl Sharro ] . Heaven, so to speak? I found heaven, this is the perfect combination, an English pub with Lebanese food. — Karl Sharro (@KarlreMarks) November 5, 2014 […] Read more »

Nina Paley’s OTSOG genius

[ by Charles Cameron -- Nina Paley is as strong an argument as I know both for the idea that individual genius exists, and (not so paradoxically) that it arises OTSOG -- "On the shoulders of giants" as Robert Merton has it ] . It’s always a delight to find the same rich insight in […] Read more »

David, Goliath, and Art Spiegelman

[ by Charles Cameron -- contrasting perspectives, asymmetric warfare, and a bible story ] . Art Spiegelman, the creator of the acclaimed graphic treatment of the Holocaust, Maus: A Survivor’s Tale, has now posted a visual DoubleQuote of his own, along with a comment on Israel: From today’s Jewish Daily Forward article, Art Spiegelman Breaks […] Read more »

Gaza now stretches all the way to Disneyland

[ by Charles Cameron -- on the hopelessly interdisciplinary nature of reality ] . ** There really is no limit to the diversity of strands which go into a complex tapestry such as that of Gaza. Jean-Pierre Filiu has written, and Hurst will shortly publish, his History of Gaza. Mark Levine, University of California, Irvine, [...] Read more »

The end of the world in footnote 35, page 18

[ by Charles Cameron -- how the "end times" aspect of the new "caliphate" gets buried somewhere under all the books, papers, and old burrito wrappings on my desk ] . ** Richard Barrett‘s report for The Soufan Group in June 2014, Foreign Fighters in Syria, runs 33 pages, but you’d have to get to [...] Read more »