U.S. Confronts China Over Airspace in South China Sea

I had not given much thought to the flight plan of the airline I recently booked to go back to the U.S. from Vietnam, but recent events in the airspace over the South China Sea prompted an online search. As I discovered, my commercial flight will be flying not far from where a U.S. surveillance plane was warned on Wednesday to leave by a Chinese radar operator. Read more »

Algeria hostage crisis may be future of terrorism

It has been an eventful weekend as the Algerian crisis appears to have finally wrapped up. I have been doing various bits of media, including a short interview that was used in this piece in the Sunday Telegraph, focusing in particular on the Algerian connection to the UK. As it becomes clearer what was the nationality the [...] Read more »

The Lure of the Jihad and the Danger to Europe

A new post for CNN, this one expanding on some brief comments in my earlier letter to the Financial Times. I see it has inspired a certain amount of vitriol on their comments. The overall point here is to highlight the fact that a bad situation is being allowed to simply get worse to no-one’s [...] Read more »

The Ambassador Stevens Journal: Perspectives on Disclosures

Did the State Department, once they'd received the journal from CNN’s circumspect news people, hand it over immediately to the grieving family? Of course not. That would have been totally irresponsible. They had to know what Ambassador Stevens had written. But nothing of a personal nature which may exist on those pages has been revealed by the State Department either. Both State and CNN have played fair with the Stevens family. Read more »

British security vision needs to extend beyond the Games

A new post on the eve of the Olympics for CNN. While it is a bit in contrast to the rather optimistic attitude that seems to have gripped London (and which I have to admit I am a bit caught up in from where I am!), it is intended as a horizon scanning exercise to [...] Read more »