Brexit: A Case for British Recalibration In Relation To Asia and Africa

This is my attempt to offer some ideas for the UK post-Brexit for my home institution at RUSI. The vote was not in the direction I would have chosen, and it is not clear how things will shake out in the long-term (as in what will the UK’s relationship with the EU look like), but […] Read more »

Ignored by the authorities, emboldened by Brexit, Europe’s far right is surging

And a second post-Brexit article, this time for the Guardian, covering some of the same points but this time focused singularly on the far right and the implications for them for the Brexit vote. This has some depressing portents in the future for it, and lets hope that politicians and others can find ways to […] Read more »

Brexit: gunpowder, treason and plot?

[ by Charles Cameron — conspiracies in the lead up to Jo Cox’s death and the Brexit referendum ] . Im often told that cunning people behind the scenes run everything according to a plan. Interested if there are any conspiracies re #Brexit — Amil Khan (@Londonstani) June 24, 2016 Amil Khan, aka Londonstani, is […] Read more »

Who am I? I am my motto!

[ by Charles Cameron — a curious similarity between the courtroom appearances of the Orlando and Jo Cox killers ] . The Orlando killer’s court appearance is featured in the upper panel below, the appearance of Jo Cox MP’s killer in the lower panel: Sources: WSVN, Orlando shooter’s partial 911 transcript Reuters, Jo Cox murder […] Read more »

Apocalpyse, not!

[ by Charles Cameron — in using the word apocalyptic to describe mundane (or zombied) disturbances such as Brexit, we lose sight of the beauty and mystery it conceals & reveals ] . In fact, not so much as a whiff of fresh napalm in the morning. Tim Furnish has been on a mini-crusade recently […] Read more »