How to fake a Mahdi and / or create a New World Religion

[ by Charles Cameron — conspiracy is stranger than scripture, partly bcoz supercomputers! ] . Hey, we can pick a face out of a crowd: track the numberplates of individual cars around a city: follow individuals by tracking their cell phones: and see who’s in a room by their reflection in the cornea of an […] Read more »

On two, one, seven plus or minus, and ten – towards infinity

[ by Charles Cameron -- a few quirky thoughts about graphs and analysis ] . Two eyes (heads, ideas, points of view) are better than one. ** When I worked as senior analyst in a tiny think-shop, my boss would often ask me for an early indicator of some trend. My brain couldn’t handle that [...] Read more »

Words, words — what’s a bunch of Wordsworth?

[ by Charles Cameron -- bemused again, "jihad" (the word) in the news, "big data" too, plus Google expecting Mahdi ] . I suppose I should be glad — or should I? — that the word jihad is now in the news. It’s about time. Jihad (the word, the concept, the interpretations) should have been [...] Read more »