Will China’s new law tackle terror?

Another piece of holiday writing, this time looking at China’s new counter-terrorism legislation and some of the preventative aspects that still may need to be worked on. It was published by the BBC both in Chinese and English and I have posted both below. Another topic that there will undoubtedly be more work on in […] Read more »

How vulnerable is Europe to Paris-style attacks?

Still catching up after a busy week. This a short piece for the BBC on how vulnerable Europe is to attacks like that we saw last Friday. The point here is not to say it is impossible, but to try to keep things in perspective. How vulnerable is Europe to Paris-style attacks? By Raffaello Pantucci […] Read more »

Urumqi Attack

Another piece that was published in Chinese this week, this time for BBC 中文 about the incident in Urumqi this past week as Xi Jinping was finishing up his tour of the province. I have re-published the Chinese at the top and the English version below. I did a few interviews around this including for […] Read more »

The People’s Right to Know

It seems to me then that there is no perfect answer to this age old probem – it all depends upon who controls the medium and how the person or organization chooses to use it. This takes us back to the First Amendment’s freedom of the press. News reporting is in my view – even in the best of times – rarely truly objective. Reporters and editors have their bosses and biases. Stories are reported from the vantage point of the individual reporter who hopefully was there on the scene. They are run, or not, based on a host of not necessarily objective criteria. Sometimes non-stories aka infotainment are broadcast while critical news is left out for noble – and sometimes not so noble - reasons. Perhaps in the end, in these Internet days the best one can hope for is access to as wide an array of sources and reports as possible. Then take it from there. Read more »

Viewpoints: How should radicalisation be tackled?

A very brief piece for the BBC as part of a group of pieces they commissioned about radicalisation and what to do about it in the wake of last week’s incident in Woolwich. It was longer, but got shrunk, and I owe colleagues at RUSI a debt for helping keep it focused. Viewpoints: How should […] Read more »

Islamists in Africa emerge as threat to West

More on current events in North Africa, this time for the BBC. I owe Virginia a note of thanks for reviewing it – grazie! I was also quoted briefly in this Financial Times article on the British government’s response. (UPDATE: have briefly tweaked it to reflect a commenter’s correct catch) Islamists in Africa emerge as [...] Read more »

Here comes the Judge

Judge Leveson will soon release his long anticipated report on Press Practices. You would have thought the Luftwaffe had suddenly appeared over the English Channel. The Press needs to take a chill pill. It is an opportunity not the end of life as we know it. Read more »