A Major Milestone in Our Effort to Eliminate Syria’s Chemical Weapons Program

October 31 marked a major milestone in our determined effort to get rid of Syria’s chemical weapons program. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced it is now confident that no additional chemical agents or ... Read more »

Toppling Assad in Syria: A Western Plot?

By Chris Lundry Indonesian Islamist site syabab.com featured a story on Syria’s embattled leader Bashar al-Assad which states that his looming demise is the culmination of a “Western Plot.” This “news” is fascinating for those who have paid even just a little attention to events as they unfold in Syria. Didn’t the US and the West equivocate for months as Assad murdered his own people? Was that part of the plan? Was part of the […] Read more »

President Obama Pushes for Nonproliferation

President Barack Obama delivers remarks to the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction symposium held at the National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington, D.C., Dec. 3, 2012. Joing the President on stage are, from left: Defense... Read more »

Danish Architect Maps Every Plane, Helicopter Shot Down by Syrian Rebels

A Danish architect and part-time aviation journalist is mapping each claimed shoot-down of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad's jets and helicopters, resulting in the first running tabulation of the cost -- at least in terms of machinery -- of the escalating Syrian air war. Bjørn Holst Jespersen's map, sponsored by journalist David Cenciotti's blog The Aviationist, marks 19 possible "kills" by rebel forces, as reported in the press or seen in YouTube videos. Read more »

Syrian Rebels Hit Back At Regime Warplanes

Syrian president Bashar Al Assad's jet fighters and helicopters continue to pound Free Syrian Army rebels in Damascus, Aleppo and other battleground cities, contributing to a death toll reportedly as high as 320 in a single town in a single week. But the rebels are fighting back, aiming heavy machine guns -- and, if one report is to be believed, U.S.-supplied Stinger missiles -- at Al Assad's aircraft. Read more »

Seeing the Syrian Conflict through Narrative

By Jeffry R. Halverson Unlike the protests of the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt, the campaigns underway against the Assad regime in Syria have a distinctly sectarian character. The Assad regime is dominated by the Alawites, a little-known esoteric Shi‘ite sect. However, the majority of Syria’s population is Sunni Muslim (approx. 75%). And caught in the middle of the conflict are Syria’s Christians (10% of the pop.), Druze, Twelver Shi‘ites, and others, including a […] Read more »