A trumpet voice above Trump’s

[ by Charles Cameron — for those wishing for discourse above the political fray ] . Yesterday, Sunday, I was going to post a “Sunday surprise” about a voice that transcends that of Donald Trump — the voice of Alison Balsom, trumpeter extraordinaire. But my thread linking Balsom and Trump was a slender one — […] Read more »

Echoes: Boko H and the LRA, Ray Davis & others anon

[ by Charles Cameron -- following up on Boko Haram "makes Kony look like child's play" while continuing my explorations in stereocognition, along with two dazzling quotes about music ] . It happened to be the tweet from Elizabeth Pearson in the upper panel above that alerted me to the LRA’s 1996 abduction of schoolgirls [...] Read more »

Taylor Swift, Sara Mingardo, JS Bach and a quiet WTF

[ by Charles Cameron -- some very beautiful music accompanied by unexpected visuals ] . I am in full agreement with this tweet today from our co-blogger here on Zenpundit, Scott Shipman: Never gets old: J. S. Bach – Cantata BWV 63 – Christen ätzet diesen Tag – 5 – Aria (J. S…: http://t.co/ir40uHdBhX via [...] Read more »

Hints followed by guesses; and the rest Is prayer, observance, discipline, thought and action

[ by Charles Cameron -- you can safely ignore this if you have zero interest in any or all of Bach, Eliot, Christianity and Sufism ] . It’s Sunday evening here, let’s start with Yehudi Menuhin playing Bach — the great Chaconne: ** This post began to coalesce for me when Dr Alan Godlas, whose [...] Read more »