Is the Ansar al-Shariah Crackdown a True About Face?

by Nathaniel Greenberg The Libyan consulate bombing has drifted into the twilight world of murder mystery and conspiracy theory, a talking point for American political pundits, and major source of frustration for leaders in the region. In Cairo a militant from Libya suspected of having participated in the Consulate attack was killed when Egyptian authorities raided his hideout in Nasser City earlier this week. But it is doubtful that this action represents a true change […] Read more »

Frappe-Sipping Libyan Militant Laughs at U.S. Manhunt for Benghazi Killers

No one from the FBI has interviewed him. Libyan security forces haven't brought him in for questioning. But one of the leading suspects behind last month's bloody assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi just gave a boastful interview to the New York Times, all while comfortably sipping a strawberry frappe and trying to convert the reporter to Islam. Read more »