What does a modern terrorist look like and what motivates them?

Last catch up for something that was published today in the Sunday Telegraph, this time in the wake of the Munich attack specifically but looking more broadly at the rather odd spate of semi-terror attacks that have taken place. The piece was re-published in the Gulf News, and separately an interview with one of the […] Read more »

Will bombing ever get rid of Islamic State?

My contribution in the excellent magazine Prospect to the public conversation in the UK last week about bombing Syria in the wake of this week’s parliamentary vote. It tries to explore what exactly kinetic military campaigns can do to counter terrroist oranization, using a few historical examples to outline some successes. Will Bombing Ever Get […] Read more »

Calibrating a Commonwealth-wide response to terrorism

Catching up on some old posting again, this from a piece that was co-authored with RUSI colleague Dr Sasha Jesperson for a special publication issued for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that just took place in Malta. Thanks to Sasha for taking the lead on this one! Calibrating a Commonwealth-wide response to Terrorism Terrorism […] Read more »

What We Are Reading

  Key Reads   The Global Struggle to Respond to the Worst Refugee Crisis in Generations Patrick Boehler and Sergio Pecanha / New York Times Eleven million people were uprooted by violence last year, most propelled by conflict in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and Afghanistan. Conflict and extreme poverty have also pushed tens of thousands out […]

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Britain’s Terror Threat from the Levant

A very belated posting of an article that came out a while ago for the CTC Sentinel. It has been a very hectic and busy time and I have let things slip, but am going to try to finally catch up. A few longer pieces are working their way through the system and should land […] Read more »