The Politics of Politics

I don’t remember why I took Debate 101 my sophomore year of high school. I’m not an enthusiastic public speaker nor was I inclined to become one. Perhaps I was interested in learning advanced debating techniques. Then I’d be ever triumphant in the important debates of daily life: “You think you deserve that last piece of pizza? […] Read more »

Aesthetics of love & death

[ by Charles Cameron — relics of a catacombs martyr, St Valentine and more ] . ** There are times when the DoubleQuote format is confining, and the comparative method it is based on could be uswed effectively with more than two examples. Here consider also: The Tamil Tiger martyr Jenny, as discussed in a […] Read more »

Which best captures the fleeting present — past or future?

[ by Charles Cameron — architectural history as a question in philosophy — Palmyra ] . Future? A jailed activist’s 3-D models could save Syria’s history from ISIS — WIRED (@WIRED) October 21, 2015 Past? #Getty Research Institute Acquires 150-Year-Old Photographs of #Palmyra and Beirut — Mariam (@Mariamirani) October 13, 2015 ** […] Read more »