Review: The Rule of the Clan

[by Mark Safranski / “zen“] Rule of the Clan by Mark Weiner I often review good books. Sometimes I review great ones. The Rule of the Clan: What an Ancient Form of Social Organization Reveals about the Future of Individual Freedom  by Mark S. Weiner gets the highest compliment of all: it is an academic book that […] Read more »

Is Islam in need of a Reformation?

[ by Charles Cameron — perhaps it’s not Wittenberg but Westphalia we should be praying for ] . ** Ayaan Hirsi Ali clearly believes we need an Islamic Reformation, and she’s not alone. That much Mehdi Hasan concedes in a Guardian piece titled Why Islam doesn’t need a reformation: In recent months, cliched calls for […] Read more »

Jenan Moussa twitterstreams ISIS rules

[ by Charles Cameron -- Jenan Moussa is a correspondent for Al Aan TV, tweeting as @jenanmoussa ] . Here (in my opinion) is what Twitter is good for, today’s version — Jenan Moussa twitterstreams the “ISIS rules” from Nineveh: ISIS has published its first set of new rules for the province of #Nineveh. In [...] Read more »

Ronfeldt’s In-Depth Review of America 3.0

   David Ronfeldt, RAND strategist and theorist has done a deep two-part  review of America 3.0 over at his Visions from Two Theories blog. Ronfeldt has been spending the last few years developing his TIMN analytic framework (Tribes, Institutions [hierarchical], Markets and Networks) which you can get a taste from here  and here or a [...] Read more »