Our 4 Favorite (Gif) Moments from this Week's Episode of West Wing Week: 07/31/15 or, "Jambo Kenya"

Here's something not enough people know about: Every week, a team of White House videographers puts together a short episode encapsulating what the President did that week -- who he met with, where he traveled, and all sort of other fun moments in between.

This week's episode covers the President's trip to Kenya and Ethiopia -- where he attended the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit and met with leaders across government, business, and civil society -- and it's stocked with some pretty breathtaking images. Here are four of our favorites, complete with timestamps — but you should really want the full thing for yourself.

Happy watching! Come back next week for a new episode.

00:06 When the President disembarked from Marine One -- and Kenyatta University said hello.


00:42 When the remarks in Nairobi had the perfect backdrop.

2:56 When the President waved goodbye to Kenya.

2:50 When Air Force One was wheels down in Ethiopia.

You should watch the full episode here:


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