Miracles and rumors of miracles

[ by Charles Cameron -- Timbuktu tombs, cultural preservation, WWII, miracle stories, della Robbia ] . . A report on Al Jazeera today is sub-headed: Al-Qaeda-linked group in northern Mali attacks tombs of Sufi saints just days after sites put on UNESCO endangered list. ** My friend Michael Robinson just pointed me to this piece [...] Read more »

Recommended Reading & Viewing

Top Billing! Information Dissemination Guest Post Series Galrahn needs to be commended for organizing this excellent series and also the top-notch contributors who participated, including a sitting Member of Congress. A first-rate blog event! Wayne P. Hughes, Jr., Captain USN -Is there a connection between your strategic and tactical assertions? Dr. Andrew Exum -What should the US [...] Read more »

When you have a worldview, it all fits together

[by Charles Cameron -- the difficulty of difference, plus a poem for M ] . . When you have a worldview, it all fits together pretty seamlessly. You see a map of record high temperatures such as the one above, swiped from emptywheel today, and it’s either global warming, and maybe: this is getting to [...] Read more »

First Lady Michelle Obama at the African Methodist Episcopal Church’s General Conference

First Lady Michelle Obama delivers remarks at the African Methodist Episcopal Church's General Conference June 28, 2012. (Official White House Photo) What a pleasure it was to trave... Read more »