U.S. Domestic Politics and Public Diplomacy in Asia

by Steven R. Corman As Congress is once again behaving badly, I thought I would post a brief note about some interactions I have had while visiting Asia.  Comments here show that what many of us regard as “inside baseball” matters a lot to foreign publics, and it has them worried. Last week I attended the Singapore Global Dialogue, organized by the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University. It was attended […] Read more »

Yes, Extremists are Paying Attention

by Chris Lundry Last year, my colleagues Steven Corman, Jeffrey Halverson and I wrote a series of blog posts exploring Islamist reactions to anti-Islam and anti-Muslim events in the US, including the debate over the Park51 Islamic Center and an American pastor’s proposal to burn a Qur’an on 9/11, among others. One of the points we made in our final post was that these events fuel the extremist narrative that the US and its allies […] Read more »

GWOT weekly round-up (September 23)

Afghanistan Danger Room suggests that there has been a major breakthrough in dealing with the threat of Improvised Explosive Devices. Terry Glavin argues (via Harry’s Place) that attempts to make peace with the Taliban are counterproductive and morally bankrupt. My … Continue reading Read more »

GWOT weekly round-up (September 16)

Israel/Palestine Writing in Foreign Policy’s Shadow Government blog, Michael Magan suggests that Cameron should follow Obama’s lead in threatening to veto Palestinian attempts at UN recognition. Hussein Ibish and Yossi Klein Halevi answer questions from Guardian readers on the Palestinian … Continue reading Read more »

Extremists Stoking Religious Violence in Indonesia

by Chris Lundry Violence between Muslims and Christians broke out in the city of Ambon, Maluku Province, Indonesia on Sunday, September 11. Official sources state that an ojek (motorcycle taxi) driver named Darmis Saiman was killed in an accident on September 10. But rumors sent via text message spread the following day when he was buried claimed that the Muslim driver had been tortured to death by Christians.At last count, seven people have been confirmed […] Read more »

GWOT weekly round-up (September 9)

September 11th According to a RAND report, Al-Qaeda has been generally unsuccessful in recruiting terrorists from the United States over the past ten years. Slate’s Jeremy Stahl investigates what happens when a 9/11 conspiracy theorist changes his mind (related articles … Continue reading Read more »