“Firebrand” Extinguished? Abu Bakar Basyir Sentenced to 15 Years

by Chris Lundry The next chapter in the saga of Abu Bakar Basyir, called the spiritual leader of terrorist organization Jemaah Islamiyah, came to an end on June 16. The court in South Jakarta pronounced its verdict of guilty to the charges of inciting terrorism related to the Jemaah Islamiyah training camp in Aceh — which was broken up amidst arrests and killings of militants in February 2010 — and sentenced the cleric to 15 […] Read more »

Cyber terrorism and war, the looming threat to the industrialised state

Earlier this month the EastWest Institute held its second worldwide summit on cyber security. Hundreds of government and industry leaders, from over 43 countries, attended to discuss the looming threat of increasing war and criminality within the cyber domain. Major … Continue reading Read more »

Osama bin Laden’s Image Appears on Toast!

By Chris Lundry It was bound to happen: London’s Daily Mail reported yesterday that the face of Osama bin Laden appeared on a Londoner’s piece of toast. I have been fascinated with how the image of Osama bin Laden became a pop cultural phenomenon after 9-11 in some parts of the Muslim world (including Indonesia, where I do much of my work). The image was usually intended to shock rather than express true solidarity with […] Read more »