News from Indonesia: Basyir charged with supporting Aceh terrorist camp

by Chris Lundry Indonesian police have charged Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Basyir with supporting terrorism for his role in the the Jemaah Islamiyah training camp in Aceh. He has been accused of participating in planning and funding the project and ordering others to commit terrorist acts, and police reported finding progress reports and videos from the camp. The training camp, led by Javanese who came to Aceh thinking they would find support, was broken up […] Read more »

Obama changes rhetoric but the ‘war on terror’ continues to impact civil society

Despite a change in rhetoric, the legislation, practices, policies and structures introduced since 9/11 still inhibit society’s ability to practise democracy The recent leaks of more than 90,000 sensitive documents revealing the extent of civilian casualties in Afghanistan has yet … Continue reading Read more »

Mosque Controversy Widens Say-Do Gap

by Jeffry R. Halverson In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, Indian novelist and activist Arundhati Roy wrote an opinion piece in the British daily The Guardian, stating: [Bin Laden] has been sculpted from the spare rib of a world laid to waste by American foreign policy: its gunboat diplomacy, its nuclear arsenal, its vulgarly stated policy of ‘full-spectrum dominance,’ its chilling disregard for non-American lives, its barbarous military interventions, its support for despotic […] Read more »

The Black Nile: One Man’s Amazing Journey Through Peace and War on the World’s Longest River

While the The Black Nile‘s subtitle boasts, “One Man’s Amazing Journey…”, a cliched line that probably should be forbidden from any future use, it is nonetheless quite accurate. Tracing the waters of the Nile from Uganda to Egypt, Morrison brings us on a journey not only across thousands of miles of Africa but also through […] Read more »

Winning Afghan ‘hearts and minds’? Time to leave Afghanistan

‘We try to help them … but it just seems pointless’ one British solider says, referring to the battle for ‘hearts and minds’ in Afghanistan. The biggest problem, says another, is “convincing the locals to help themselves.” Next year marks … Continue reading Read more »