Prohibiting the Burkah = Liberating Women?

By Mark Woodward and Inayah Rohmaniyah* Efforts in European countries including France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands to restrict or prohibit women from wearing burkah and nikab (face veil) are well known in Indonesia. Reports about these efforts in the Indonesian media are overwhelming negative. There is no visible support for these efforts even among women who do not cover their hair. There is also growing concern among Muslim women who wear the hijab (headscarf) […] Read more »

Update from Indonesia and Singapore

by Chris Lundry While in Singapore for the ICA conference with colleagues from the CSC, interesting news kept coming in from Indonesia concerning its ongoing fight against terrorism. It was quite a contrast to what appeared to be the biggest story in Singapore: the conviction of a foreigner who spray-painted a train, a story that took up several pages of coverage and included a detailed step-by-step illustration recreating the crime. Such news seemed to drown […] Read more »

Bombings in Uganda raise further concern for security and counterterrorist measures in neighbouring Kenya

Sunday, 11 July, as people watched the World Cup finals, twin blasts shook the Ugandan capital city Kampala, killing 74 people. This recent attack on civilians has been blamed on Al-Shabaab, a radical Islamist group increasingly at the center of … Continue reading Read more »

A New Strategy for Somalia

by R. Bennett Furlow To say Somalia has problems would be the very definition of an understatement.  Piracy has certainly received its share of attention, primarily because it is sensational and somewhat easy to comprehend.  The chaos in the south also gets some attention due to the rise of Islamists groups and the potential for Somalia to become a terrorist safe haven.  Despite this increase in attention, there has been no real political or humanitarian […] Read more »