Growing UK Turmoil Over War Casualties

by Steven R. Corman A colleague in the UK military recently sent an e-mail remarking on the brewing controversy in the UK about casualties from the war in Afghanistan.  Growing numbers of citizens are witnessing “repatriations” of dead soldiers, and Prime Minister Brown is under fire for botched communication with a grieving mother. Brits are crowding the route between the Lynham Air Base and the Oxford Coroners Court.  Here is a YouTube video of one […] Read more »

Online Mobilization by Radical Groups

by Steven R. Corman I ran across an interesting research article in the most recent issue of the Journal of Communication entitled “‘Carrying online participation offline’–Mobilization by radical online groups and politically dissimilar offline ties.”* The study looks at neo-Nazis and radical environmentalists (NN/RE) in the West, but because it potentially sheds some light on similar practices by online Muslim extremists, some of the findings deserve comment here. One notable thing about the study is […] Read more »

Blame the Victims to Advance Your Agenda

by Chris Lundry and Steven R. Corman On September 30th, an earthquake struck Padang, Indonesia. It measured 7.6 on the Richter Scale, killed over 1,100, and injured around 2000.  Following the quake some religious leaders moved quickly to blame the victims, a familiar tactic of exploiting natural disasters to advance extremist agendas. Located in the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” Indonesia is no stranger to devastating seismic and volcanic events that frequently lead to tremendous losses […] Read more »