Strange Annual Cycle in PD/SC Definition Debates?

by Steven R. Corman A debate has once again re-ignited over the relative meaning of Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication, sparked this time by a keynote by Bruce Gregory at GWU on October 5.  It was rejoined by Amb. William Rugh in an email exchange with Bruce, both of whose comments were posted and re-rejoined by Craig Hayden. Reading these posts I got a strange feeling of deja vu.  Checking on this, I found that–sure […] Read more »

The Afghanistan Narrative Gap and Its Consequences

by Bud Goodall One of the important challenges of President Obama’s administration is to sell the continuation of our “overseas contingency operation” (or perhaps FATAVE) in Afghanistan to an increasingly disenchanted audience at home and abroad. But there is a worrisome absence of a good narrative–a coherent collection of stories–about why we are there and what we hope to accomplish. In recent press conferences and briefings, President Obama and Secretary of Defense Gates have maintained […] Read more »

Getting to the Bottom of Explosive Rumors Concerning Noordin Top

by Chris Lundry Dwarfed by the stories of the earthquake tragedy in Padang, yesterday Indonesian media picked up a sensational statement issued at the Jakarta police headquarters. According to police spokesman Nanan Sukarna, police investigators have discovered evidence that the corpse of Jemaah Islamiyah’s Noordin Top showed signs of anal trauma consistent with sodomy, leading to speculation that he might have been bisexual. The article (published by began curiously by differentiating investigatory police and police doctors, and […] Read more »