When it Comes to Elections, the Taliban Aren’t Very Good Students

by Jeffry Halverson* In the run-up to today’s Afghan elections, the Taliban have been asserting that participation is un-Islamic.  But this infidel thinks these students (Talib translates as “student”) deserve an F. A recent New York Times Op-Ed by Mirwais Ahmadzai, a program manager with the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, reports the appearance of ominous “night letters” warning Afghan civilians not to participate in national elections. The letters reportedly give the following argument, as paraphrased by […] Read more »

Brennan on Obama’s Counterterrorism Policy–the FATAVE?

by Steven R. Corman Yesterday Obama counterterrorism adviser John Brennan gave a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism approach.  Patricia Kushlis titles her review of the speech “It’s Official: The Global War on Terror is Over.” But it was official back in March/April, and unofficial stoppage of GWOT talk predates that.  The Google Trends graph shown here indicates that use of the term plummeted as soon as […] Read more »