Do Terrorists Really Believe?

by Robert Poe The recent resurfacing of the Muhammad cartoon controversy brought to mind a lecture about belief given about two years ago by the prolific Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek. For those uninitiated, Žižek is a contemporary, widely published philosopher who attempts to bring together a Marxist-Leninist critique of late-capitalist society with an understanding of mass-psychology inherited from 20th century psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. He begins by giving an interesting twist to the now famous – […] Read more »

U.S. Finally Decides that Words Matter

by Steven R. Corman After years of being told over and over again that they should stop calling the Bad Guys “jihadis” the U.S. Government has finally decided that this would be a good idea. I feel sure it was two posts on COMOPS Journal, here and here, that finally did the trick. AP reports on a for-official-use-only memo that is circulating in the government entitled “Words that Work and Words that Don’t: A Guide […] Read more »

Wikipedia as Strategic Communication

by Nicholas Brody Wikipedia is becoming a major source of news and reference information for the American public. A Pew internet poll found that 36% of online adults consult Wikipedia. That number jumps to 50% for college-educated adults. Among educational and reference websites, Wikipedia is by far the most popular, owning a 24.33% share of hits when compared to other similar sites. Whether we want to accept it or not, a large proportion of the […] Read more »

Puppet Stabs Bush Repeatedly

by Steven R. Corman About a year ago, Ian Dirk did a post on COMOPS about a Palestinian children’s story hour where the featured stories included a tale of a Jewish woman who tried to poison the Prophet (moral: “the Jews are a people of treachery and betrayal.”), and the story of a little kid who left his family to kill infidels, only to be killed, buried and resurrected. And who can forget Farfur the […] Read more »

Jordan’s Queen Rania on YouTube With Plan to Reduce Stereotypes

by Edward T. Palazzolo Leveraging the power of Web 2.0 and social networking, Jordan’s Queen Rania launches an online campaign to help curb Arab stereotypes. Queen Rania has launched an official YouTube page, with an exclusive message on the importance of cross-cultural dialogue in breaking down stereotypes.You can visit Her Majesty’s page at Queen Rania’s goal: For people to know the real Arab world. To get to know the places and faces, the culture […] Read more »