Analysis: Constructing the Enemy

It is clear that we need some alternative to describing the Bad Guys in terms of jihad. It is equally clear that alternatives have to be selected with great care and that we’re better off staying within a system of social construction that we understand. Read more »

Roundup 9/21: Islamists Rally Against Musharraf

Islamists Rally Against Musharraf - Transcript of Latest bin Laden Tape - More 9/11 Greetings from our Pals at AQ - The Sudden Rush of AQ Communications - al Jazeera Host Compares U.S. to Nazis - U.S. is Losing the Long War of Ideas - It's the Wicket, Stupid - U.S. Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks Read more »

Roundup 9/20: bin Laden Back in the Studio

bin Laden Back in the Studio - Tighter Control, More Money Will Create Better Public Diplomacy - Controversial Immigration Enforcement Law Useful Against Terrorism - Splits in African AQ Group - ANOTHER Cartoon Controversy! Read more »

Roundup 9/19: U.S. Should Engage Iran

U.S. Should Engage Iran - Saudi Sheikh Chastises bin Laden on Ramadan - Muslim Brotherhood Group's Plans to Take Over U.S. - Cold War Should be the Model for Modern Public Diplomacy - Virtual Training Camps - We-Told-You-So Dept. Read more »